Epurbloc/VEnto P6 Eco Septic Tank super low profile septic tank. Anaerobic pre-treatment – 8 steps in the Epurbloc® septic tank. System 1 of PE = Epurbloc® + FD + CHAS + Compact • System 2 of . EPURBLOC® or settling tank “Performance” 3 stamped CE with detachable EPURBLOC® rectangular or cylindrical .. Ribbed rectangular Epurbloc®

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Sotralentz EPURBLOC 3000 sewage tank with filter

We guarantee that primary treatment units, secondary treatment units and accessories we supply conform to the current regulations and are free of manufacturing faults. Additional civil responsibilities 2. Non-execution, poor execution or delayed execution of a contract article CC 1. To be done with either a lifting crane or a hoist with the help of the following diagrams for a perfect, balanced hold.

Epurbloc – Septic Tank – Low Profile Septic Tanks

The arrival of raw domestic wastewater into the septic tank 300 a wave a rise of water in the septic tank. In the case of difficult soils for example, impermeable, clays, etc.

All plantations above underground works are forbidden All passage of rainwater into F. Screw thread of the device.

Epurbloc – Septic Tank – Low Profile Septic Tanks – video dailymotion

For all buried twin-cistern installations, it is essential to place the cisterns on a bed of reinforced stabilized sand, which epurblov 30cm thick, flat and horizontal. For obtain more informations please Click here. Certain specific cases need more care during installation, these include: Detachable threaded riser, epirbloc option to the majority of Principal and Secondary Treatment Units Riser allows: The less turbulent household wastewater passes into the grease extractor where the separation of grease and floating matter is carried out.


It is designed so as to avoid all risks of the chamber being trampled, deformed or squashed The lateral backfill with sand should be free of all sharp or pointed objects elurbloc must take into account the settling of the ground. It must be placed stably and horizontally directly onto the base, at the downstream extremity of the vertical drained sand filter. Installation above ground, fix metallic bands in the housing destined for the pre-filter, designed to increase resistance of the cistern to the combined effect of water and filtrate material pressures l: Always consult our User Manual A24 for: Excellent lasting power against aggressive agents in wastewater sulphur anhydrides degrading concrete corrosion from surrounding environment acid soils Quality Assurance ISO Hotels, school with canteen 3.

To take into account the natural level of the soil after the final back filling, these joints should be flexible, and made of elastomer or rubber. Sotralentz suggests slotting in the Higher ventilation VH at the inlet IN of the holding tank upstream and not the downstream side of the FAV holding tank. Contact Us info ukseptictanks.

Watertight collar for drained filter FD Outlet flow of pre-treated wastewater 2 elbow joints 45o diam. Independent unit not needing electrical energy. The surface of the bed is raked and consolidated such that the unit will not rest on any sharp objects or weak areas.

M deflector on the lower half and air vents on the top half, allowing decompression and venting of gas 3. All passage of rainwater epurnloc F. For epurblc the above inspection chambers: Illustrations 3D and diagrams: Screw the cap onto the riser.


At the start of all epkrbloc, there must be available the means to prove the existence of an insurance contract covering this responsibility. The SP units cannot be strapped down. Cistern D on the m erformehrs1. Principal Pre-Treatment Units undersized for regular use ; Date of the last emptying e. Geotextile anti-puncture option sold separately 9. At the extremity of infiltration trenches of shallow or deep drainfields, or of drained or non-drained mounds 2.

In this case, it is impossible to send the gases to the roof apex. The surface finish is done with the previously store top soil, which should be sized to remove all stones or sharp objects. A pressure differential occurs after the arrival of domestic wastewater into the septic tank.

Following a policy of continuous improvement, Sotralentz reserves the right to modify the technical data, the models or the equipment at its convenience, without legal redress or responsibility towards whomever in this respect.

This compression enables the evacuation of gases by causing a pressure differential in the Higher ventilation pipe, which is slotted into the inlet upstream of the septic tank.

After eepurbloc the excavation, the area for the installation must be laid out as close to the building as is possible, in addition to avoiding all surface loads mobile or immobile.