Ervin László is a Hungarian philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist, originally a classical pianist. He is an. Explains how modern science has rediscovered the Akashic Field of .. In the book Science and the Akashic Field, Author Ervin Laszlo has put into words a. According to Ervin Laszlo, the coherence of the atom and the galaxies is the same coherence that keeps living cells together, cooperating to form life. When a .

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Open Preview See a Problem? Ervin Laszlo gives an unstructured recollection of scientific, pseudo-scientific and esoteric information as evidence of the existence and workings of a unified field.

He notes four points that I shall quote here as they are mark stones for further research on the matter: Explore the Home Gift Guide. Laszlo called it the information field, Akashic field or A-field.

I liked the thought that the information is everywhere, present through the space and time.

This A-field looks more scientific that way somehow ‘contains’ and ‘explains’ the apparently differing physical worlds described in the field of Quantum Mechanics, the electromagnetic field, Newton’s mechanistic view, Einstein’s Relativistic world to name a fewand the various apparently contradictory physical descriptions these provide.

Though a good friend of mine had the opposite experience, so it is of course subjective.

Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything by Ervin Laszlo

tye Discussion of the concept of multi-universes Laszlo speaks of a ground state, which is when no information flow is registered. Jan 08, Marty rated it it was amazing. Quotes from Science and the A And so people experiences their dreams as real but find them to be false and lacking substance on awaking, those lawzlo schizophrenia and on drugs experience worlds that do not exist apart from their own mind and belief in them and we all share in some individual and collective hallucinations that we then take to be true amd self-evident because scisnce experience them and they are validated from the apparent outside.

About thirty years ago I took a course on evolutionary mechanisms which shook my faith in the theory of evolution, because it just didn’t make sense statistically. However, the emergence of ever greater complexity in the universe requires the presence of a factor that is neither matter nor energy.


Ervin Laszlo is a systems philosopher, integral theorist, and classical pianist. It holds the record of all that ever happened on Earth and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen.

These are not the inner explorers or those real thinkers that build from below ground level often from first principles that need to be invented and to establish a new framework or context that does not yet ahd. The epiphenomenalists attempt to convince me that this cup can create me along with all the refinements of my consciousness, while the mystics and enlightened, say otherwise that we create the cup out of our consciousness. Dec 16, Heidi rated it really liked it.

Still this book might appeal to the more mystically inclined scientists amongst us That ‘coherence’ finds its base fiels source in the Akashic Field. I was very interested in the concept of Universal Mind but not in this I did not read this book but browsed it instead.

What we discover will have profound personal and social impacts, and.

Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

The encoding mechanism itselfhe sees as holographic in nature fieeld arise out of the coherent interference patterns setup and created fleld the interpenetration entanglement of the waves represented by the wave functions of individual quanta. In Hungary, the minister of environment appointed Laszlo as one of the leaders of the ministry’s campaign concerning global warming.

Jackson Alexander Christakis Kenneth D. Customers who bought this item also bought. The Theory laszllo Everything This book is an illustrative example of how complex, philosophic and unachievable to experience a theory-of-everything TOE can become once you wander too far down the laslzo rabbit hole.

Science and the Akashic Field, a relatively small book, is definitely not a light read. Apr 21, Tom rated it really xnd it Shelves: The reader who encounters this book will be irrevocably transformed and will henceforth experience the world through a global lens. I would happily re-read this book along with Lynne McTaggarts “The Field” knowing I would get more from them both every time. It is important to distinguish between being in equilibrium a state achieved only in death and near equilibrium which requires an organism to be in coherence with the milieu.


I loved his first book on Systems Theory paszlo also like his writing here. My kind of book. Apr 24, Nancy Heard rated it it was amazing. This takes a bit of science background to understand well, but it is an excellent introduction to the science behind the metaphysical concept that “we are all one. He has spent decades examining the works of other theoreticians in search of evidence for what he calls the Akashic field, or the A-field, which is the foundation of his theory.

Some of the other sections of this book attempt to join the findings of cosmology, quantum physics, transpersonal psychology, remote viewing, many lives, as well as some scisnce the findings in modern biology such as morphogenetic fields within the context of the non-local intelligence of the A-Field.

In the book Science and the Akashic Field, Author Ervin Laszlo has put into words a magnificent description of this field in a language that nearly anyone interested can understand. Revin also contained a, perhaps, minor error. With Science and the Akashic Field he takes another quantum leap forward in our understanding of the universe and ourselves.

Return to Book Page. The interesting thing about this book, revin the fact that it explains the Akashic field everything that ever happened is recorded somewhere and some erivn have the ability to access this field where the information is stored is that it explains how people think they remember their past lives through accessin the Akashic field.

There is a interconnection think of the butterfly effect between everything on the micro and marco level within the entire Metaverse think of this as the mother or pattern for all of the universes. To ask other readers questions about Science and the Akashic Fieldplease sign up.