22 jan. Avaliação Dopplervelocimétrica da artéria testicular de cães e correlação da artéria testicular e sua influência no espermograma de cães. Recoleccion de semen en caninos. Resultados espermograma 2 – Duration: 42 seconds. Johavalez. 8 years ago; 1, views. Motilidad 80%. Johavalez. La farmacocinética es independiente del sexo en ratas y perros. a quienes se les realizó un espermograma antes y después del tratamiento con miltefosina;.

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The paraffines-hematoxyline-eosin Y method allows color identification of tissues, for example purple for fat tissue, pink for muscles, yellow-brown for exocutile, while the resin- toluidine -blue method preserves better the ultrastructure but do not permit color identification.

A condition variation study for radioiodination via triazene intermediates. They are characterized by elemental analysis, magnetic susceptibility measurements, thermogravimetric analysis, and infrared and electronic spectral studies.

The formation constants exhibit a very good linear free energy relationship Hammett at all the temperatures studied. It was used liver fragments from Balb-c mice immunosuppressed with cyclophosphamide and inoculated with spores of Encephalitozoon cuniculi.

N Engl J Med ; CA – Inorganic Chemistry Impact factor: The kinetics of charge-transfer interaction between p- toluidine and iodine in methylene chloride was investigated in depth. The nonlinear optical properties such as nonlinear optical susceptibility, nonlinear absorption coefficient and nonlinear refractive index were extracted.

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The adsorption behaviour of the studied aromatic amines followed the order: This study presents the in-vivo evaluation of TiNbZr alloy espermogrrama obtained by the hydride route via powder metallurgy. These findings indicate that the tumor described here represents a rare case of spontaneous malignant mast cell tumor with thymic epithelial hyperplasia. An understanding of the kinetic interaction is essential in using the results of model compound kinetics to predict the behavior of complex mixtures.


Specificities, sensitivities, positive predictive values PPVsnegative predictive values NPVsand kappa values were calculated to determine the performances of the tests. After an 8-week healing period, the implants were retrieved, non-decalcified section processed, and evaluated by electron, UV light fluorescent labelingand light microscopy toluidine blue.

Oral miltefosine to treat leishmaniasis

A progressive decrease in the surface charge of the micelles was observed with the addition of salts followed by a rapid growth of the micelles. Karsinoma sel skuamus oral KSSO merupakan salah satu kanker mulut yang paling sering terjadi.

In this rapid, simple, and convenient enzymatic method for measurement of tyrosine in plasma, tyrosine is converted to tyramine by action of tyrosine decarboxylase EC 4.

Moreover, progressive staining occurs at concentrations low enough to minimise any background fluorescence attributable to non-specific residence of the stain.

The coordinating groups of phenolic copolymer form complexes through hydrogen bonding and ion-dipole interactions.

Our results showed that classical histological staining methods are not sensitive enough to identify low numbers or coccoid forms of organism, while toluidine blue and immunohistochemistry play an important role in detection of H.

The basic solutes, such as aniline, o- toluidinep- toluidineN,N-dimethylaniline and pyridine were used as the probe solutes to examine their interaction with the residual silanols on the surface of the products. Clinical, diagnostic, and chemotherapeutic developments in the last 10 years.

Usando las mismas dosis, los perros no tuvieron esos cambios. The complex displays inert behaviour in the presence of o- toluidine and it is ascribed to dominant steric effect. The photoinactivation of conidia was suppressed by azide, bovine serum albumin, and histidine, and was stimulated in deuterium oxide.

Achterberg V, Gercken G. The polychromatic methylene blue proved to be the optimal staining. The modified biosensor exhibited a good catalytic behaviour for the reduction of H 2 O 2 at a lower potential of Two methods of embedding, sectioning and staining were developed to study the internal anatomy of delphacid plant hopper Tagosodes orizicolus, one of the most important plagues of rice in Latin America and the only vector of the white leaf tenuivirus RHBVusing both light and electron microscopy.


Photodynamic inactivation PDI involves the combined use of light and a photosensitizer, which, in the presence of oxygen, originates cytotoxic species capable of inactivating bacteria. In the absence of oxygen, glucose oxidation proceeds by another mechanism in which electron transfer occurs from GOx to the electrode and with pTB acting as the mediator.

The five-year survival rate of oral cancer still remains low and delayed diagnosis is considered as one of the major reasons. The results showed marked differences in anatomy between the two entheses. The epidemiology and control of leishmaniasis in Andean countries. Several important pitfalls in the diagnosis of lesions using the three techniques were identified. Now, miltefosine must demonstrate its efficacy against other species associated with diverse clinical presentations.

Dispersion parameters were calculated based on the single oscillator model. Wild-type conidia were less sensitive to the irradiation that albino conidia.

In addition, we describe our procedures for staining plastic sections with toluidine blue or hematoxylin and eosin, and show how to couple these stains with whole-mount RNA in situ hybridization.

Compositions of the co-existing liquid phases have been determined by refractometry. Methods Four normal pig frozen tibiae were studied. A poly toluidine blue pTB film containing RGO acted as both enzyme immobilization matrix and electron transfer mediator. Since the emergence of multi-resistant bacterial strains is becoming an increasing public health concern, PDI becomes an attractive choice.