Syzygium polyanthum, with common names Indian bay leaf and Indonesian bay leaf, is a Eugenia polyantha Wight; Eugenia resinosa Gagnep. Myrtus cymosa . Eugenia polyantha, Indonesian Bay-Leaf, Myrtaceae, Daun salam. Eugenia polyantha, recalcitrant seeds, 1 packet (4 seeds), US$ Eugenia polyantha, leaves, 1 lb, US$ Eugenia polyantha, leaves, lb, US$ .

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To my knowledge, its culinary use is restricted to Malaysia and Indonesia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The aim of this study is to evaluate aqueous extracts of Eugenia polyantha for activity to inhibit alpha glucosidase in vitro as a parameter of antidiabetic properties.

The methanol-water extract exhibited more activity IC 50 Isolation of antidiabetes compounds: Three hydroxyl benzoic acid derivatives were fractionated eugemia a HPLC preparative system from the E. The antioxidative activity was expressed as percent inhibition with reference to the control after 60 min of incubation using the following formula:. Ascorbic acid was used as the reference.

The additions of E. Inhibition of alpha glucosidase by E.

Eugenia Polyantha – Garden Items for sale in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

The aim of antidiabetic therapy for IDDM insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and NIDDM patients is to achieve normal glycemia and to reduce insulin resistance in NIDDM therapy, thereby improving metabolic control with the intention of preventing late complications Ye et al.


Type 2 diabetes mellitus non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus which is one of the main adult diseases is a heterogeneous disease resulting from a dynamic interaction between defects in insulin secretion and insulin action. Views Read Edit View history. The extracts of Eugenia polyantha leaves exhibited potential eeugenia effects through the inhibition of ehgenia glucosidase activity and lowering glucose blood level.

Syzygium polyanthum Wight Walp. Eugenia polyantha is widely used in Indonesia as eeugenia culinary additive. Glucose blood level and body weight level were recorded during the treatment.

This study was conducted to evaluate aqueous extracts of Eugenia polyantha for activity to inhibit alpha glucosidase in vitro as a parameter of antidiabetic. Diabetes is also triggered by being overweight, minimum physical exercise and alcohol consumption. Selected Links Sorting Syzygium names www.


All over the country, the use of lemon grassgreater galangafresh gingergarlic and chiles is common; yet regionally, spice usage may expand this list considerably. Extracts of the leaves showed potential inhibitory effect on alpha glucosidase activity in vitro.

These finding of alpha glucosidase inhibition activity is a correlation of the lowering effect of the glucose blood level are in accordance of findings by Heinz et polyanthz.

The active compound isolated from methanol-water extract had a similar basic structure that is, phenolic with a benzoic acid moiety. This showed that decoction of mg kg -1 BW of E.


Among ehgenia drugs to prevent a high blood glucose level are the alpha glucosidase EC 3. The dried brown leaves of daun salam are aromatic and somewhat sour; used as a spice in the Indonesian – as well the Surinam cuisine ; they are applied to meat.

Eugenia-polyantha, Indonesian Bay-Leaf , Daun salam

Preparative HPLC and repeated bioassay-guided fractionation using silica gel column chromatography, Sephadex LH and preparative TLC, of the active fractions were conducted to isolate the active compounds. The long-term manifestations of this disease can result in the development of vascular disorders such as retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy and angiopathy.

Group C were treated as positive control group with the alloxan treatment and given Daonil 0. Myrtus cymosa Blume nom. The tincture of the leaves is known to lower blood glucose levels. Journal of Medical Sciences Volume 13 2: The tree grows from lower to higher elevation up to meters.

Every group of test animals suffered from weight loss on the third days due to environmental stress, decoction and injection of mg kg -1 BW alloxan Szkudelski,