Revolt Against. Other Books by Julius Evola. Eros and the Mysteries of Love ( ). The Yoga of Power (). The Hermetic Tradition (). The Doctrine of . Even Robert E. Howard has themes in common with Evola. One way to look at “Revolt Against the Modern World” is as a readable version of. With unflinching gaze and uncompromising intensity Julius Evola analyzes the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of Western civilization and all that.

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Rather, he laments how he believes modern societies have sunk into chaos and ultimate dissolution, as others who have forgotten or repudiated the transcendent before have done. In his own words, “I will have a minimal concern evolx debating and ‘demonstrating. Evola writes of the generative principles of spiritual regality that come from a metaphysical plane where they exist in a pure state.

One is an actual civilization, the other is the opposite of that.

May 27, Petros Magganopoulos rated it liked it. Oct 10, Friedrich Mencken rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Yet he closes the book with the suggestion that those “aristocrats of the spirit” who can whether the civilizational collapse of modernity will reap ever-greater spiritual rewards in the egola to come.

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I did not find his book particularly interesting. As you might imagine, there were times when reading this book that I was tempted to just slam it shut and throw it down as utter nonsense. For now on I will always remember Evola’s utopia when I hear the usual conservative arguments. This is the same old self-deluded ideological shit rushing to fill the void, and romantic rhetoric levels are titeee.


I take his meaning here to be that, from a modern point of view, the descent into history represents a happy evolutionary accident, or at best, a kind of historical twist, which lead to the randomly meaningless but ultimately beneficial situation we find ourselves in today.

I take this book like I take most right wing ortiented stuff that actually has things to say. At the end of this part the only message I seem to have taken away is that men of yore were more religious than men of now. This book should be on everyone’s to-read list. Published October 1st by Inner Traditions first published As a post scriptum, I never understood how the Hyperborean-Atlantis thing took root and achieved the currency that it did.

Logres is the pen name of M.

This would be a point of understanding modern deviation and simultaneously, mounting an effective defense1. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Mar 28, Dylan Grant rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 16, Baethan Balor rated it really liked it.

Outline/Summary for Evola’s Revolt | Gornahoor

gevolt Given a basic grounding in history and culture, one can dip into the book anywhere and find new twists and reinterpretations. They had their own inferior of course spirituality opposed to that of the Northern conquerers in nearly every way: It would seem to me that Evola was one of those idealists who took what Stirner was saying about the self being a “creative nothing” entirely seriously. Evoal again, does it matter? With unflinching gaze and uncompromising intensity Julius Evola analyzes the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of Western civilization and all that passes revoolt progress in the modern world.


May 08, Chris Moran rated it it was amazing. Sep 06, Yousef Shaaban rated it really liked it. Rather, paganism—or better, the ancient tradition—is an instantiation of the realm of the Forms. Nonetheless, I cared not re: The book, of which a German translation is in preparation, has a totally particular character, in order to join a series of truly revolutionary historical views to a very serious, scientific documentation presented in an incisive, suggestive, and fully accessible style.

Filthy, disgusting plebs trampled on the warrior aristocracies of Hispania, Gaul, and the Near East for a thousand years. For now wvola I wi The first volume is an exciting journey throught the fantasies revotl a reactionary and romantic dissident.

The ‘western’ church thoroughly lacks an understanding of its past, and dares not to reconsider past behavior or causes.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Some of the content is obviously Quite challenging in parts, and you’ll get a nice little survey of your ancient comparative mythology coming out of this well, nothing coming out of those children of Lemuria, but anyway.

We will look closely at the text in the foreword, focus on his insights, and discuss. But what is this reflected in? Notify me of new comments via email.

Law has to have a divine character.