Then, Israeli Air Force jets launch retaliatory air strikes in Syria. An FI is hit and crashes in northern Israel. Two pilots eject, one is seriously. The IAF FI Sufa is the Israeli Air Force version of a Block 52+ F Fighting Falcon multi-role jet warplane. Combat Aircraft F Fighting Falcon FI Soufa. Also Known As: Block 52+ F- 16D and Sufa Origin: United States of America Corporations: Lockheed Martin.

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The line of sight is accurately directed towards the targets area using an onboard inertial navigation system INSand motion compensation in all directions is achieved by locking the sensors line of sight on the region of interest ROI while capturing images.

Inthe variable-stability computers and center stick were temporarily removed from the VISTA for flight tests for the MATV program, under which the first use of thrust-vectoring in flight was accomplished on 30 July. From —99, both aircraft were used by NASA for several experimental research programs, and inNASA was considering returning the single-seat FXL to operational status for further aeronautical research.

Byonly the Shfa Dakota ANG was flying this variant, with these last examples retired by The radar also features improvements in the field of aerial targets including aquistion range and tracking quality. The aircraft features advanced Israeli communication systems as well.

FI Sufa – Wikimedia Commons

Retrieved 24 May This arrangement allows the CFTs to be relatively light weight, since nothing is suspended from them. Retrieved 12 July Archived from the original on 15 July Defence Security Cooperation Agency. Satellite communication – The FI features two new communication devices manufactured by Elta and Rafael, including a UHF radio with new encoding methods and long distance sfua capabilities.

Davis-Monthan has Fs stocked for conversion. United States Air Force 25 other users see operators page.


Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 16 July The first of 50 surplus U. A CFT set carries 50 percent more fuel than the centerline external fuel tank, with only 12 percent of the drag. The FXL featured a novel ‘cranked-arrow’ type of delta wing with more than twice the area of the standard F wing.

Archived from the original on 21 February Lockheed Martin received a contract to develop the first phase CCIP configuration upgrade packages in June ; kit production work started inand deliveries began in July Archived from the original on 20 July The F16I Sufa airplanes are f-1i6 today to active flying after it was proved that risk to the air crew members is extremely low.

The CFT set can be fitted or removed in less than two hours.

The second prototype first flew on 9 March It was reported 21 September that the Indian air force would finalize a contract to purchase French Rafale jet fighters that year, in one of ‘s largest armament purchases.

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems. All The World’s Aircraft. If you have questions about the eufa correspondence, please use the OTRS noticeboard.

FI Sufa (Storm)

There were 94 Block 1, Block 5, and Block 10 aircraft produced. Archived from the original on 3 June It is designed for navigation and target illumination to improve day and night attack capabilities. Explicit use of et al. Altogether, the MSIP process permitted quicker introduction of new capabilities, at lower costs, and with reduced risks compared to traditional stand-alone system enhancement and modernization programs.


Retrieved 8 August The details of the F variants, sufq with major modification programs and derivative designs significantly influenced by the F, are described below.

The first aircraft were delivered to Hellenic Air Force in May and they are flying with the Squadron ” Tiger ” in Araxos air base. Permission Reusing this file.

Strike from the Sea: On top of the goggles which FI pilots and navigators wear is displayed various aircraft information such as height, speed and weapon systems data. Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Dorsal spine Avionics Compartment – An integral part of the advanced systems installed in the plane was sjfa precisely to the IAF’s specifications by the country’s defense industries.


Archived from the original on 21 October Due to the high stress of constant combat training, the wings of these aircraft began to crack and the Navy announced their retirement in The aircraft can fly a long range strike mission with full weapon’s load, and engage in air t-16i when external Gal fuel tanks have been dropped. A total of aircraft were produced and delivered to six countries.

F-16I Sufa

The first Block 30 F arrived in October At subsonic speeds the CFT have neglible effect on the aircraft agility, thought the drag increases in proportion to speed at supersonic speeds.

F Inspired Japanese Fighter”. This work will be performed by Turkish Aerospace Industries TAI and is due to be completed in ; however, Turkey holds on option on the upgrade of the remainder of its Block 40s, which could extend the program. The upgrade program would extend the F’s flying hours from 6, to 8, hours. Archived from the original PDF on 3 January The first four Fs arrived in Israel in July Sign In Sign Out.

Most were later upgraded to the Block 10 configuration in the early s. Falcon Edge, which was developed by Northrop Grumman specifically for the Block 60, is capable of showing not only the bearing of any threat but also the range.