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Facom Tool chests JLS2-MHDR

Repair kits are not even available for the Taiwan produced “pear head” and “rotator” ratchets. System Coin more space!

The repair kits for these ratchets plus some of the older SK palm control units are the same ones made by Facom. The most popular in this lineup continues to be the U. Gacom Series head was detachable and allowed the use of other torque wrench accessories. Torque is transmitted through 17 teeth in mesh for improved load distribution through the tool. Facom’s fadom series – the open end design allows fast rotation Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Power tools” P. Sockets can be used with their ECR adapter.

Facom Storage Accessories

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Pliers” P. This higher pricing combined with their “no warranty” policy on Facom products forced me to look elsewhere Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Measuring, marking-out, metrology” P.


I first used this wrench on my Porsche Now Facom has come out with a faom “High Performance” line of 1″ drive impact wrenches, in both a gun style and straight version with either short or long anvil. The pricing can vary significantly among the 3 groups. Their dual hammer mechanisms are rated at a very impressive 3,nm of torque approx 2, ft lbs.

At the time ie, the end of WW1anything linked to America sounded very “professional” fscom they went with and kept the name. Much nicer than the old Fafom series which only came in the 10″ size. Facom needs to address this problem by separately packing the pullers and accessories from the trays and cases Here in the states, we’re inundated with cheap Chinese throw-away tools.

This socket will have to be used with some form of breaker bar Facom or otherwise. This vacom a welcomed change. I still have stock of 40R wrenches in a few sizes see online store. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Pullers” P.

All FACOM catalogs and technical brochures

The tool is used in autobody, marine and home repair applications involve metal. Facom offers an extensive range of tools in support of multiple industries and trades Early wrenches had flaking problems but this was fixed by the time the F96 catalog was printed. The pin and plunger release see photos below must be aligned for the system to work. Manage your costs and keep pressing your suppliers for better pricing.


Their design and engineering are unique and build quality is excellent. The filter was tucked deep back on the right side of the engine bay. The R is a better wrench, but because of the ratcheting box end, it comes at a higher cost. I’ve received the 7″ and 10″ versions.

And the contractors who were buying these were mostly interested in the fast action open end. I found these very useful when working with captive fasteners This system was required for cars running on the 4wd Dynapack chassis dyno. Set includes a nice selection of tools pc in foam module trays.

Identical or similar faccom are now listed side by side see below so customers can make their decision on pricing, photos and specifications.

Flex head locks into 13 different positions.