For information about software certified with previous FalconStor product versions, check our Archived FalconStor CDP and FalconStor NSS. The following is a list of operating systems that have been certified with older versions of FalconStor CDP, FMS, FSS, and NSS servers and. Fill Out The Form Below And Download Our White Paper On Best Practices for Data Migration Using FalconStor NSS. First Name *. Last Name *. Email *.

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When performance needs increase, falvonstor Flash will allow IT to provide up to thousand IOPS combined with extremely low latency, giving critical applications and services the room needed to operate fully.

In case of failure on one site, data is immediately available at the other site without change, as the data sets are constantly synchronized between sites.

We are making it easier to experience Citrix solutions. Websites are now required by law to gain your consent before applying falcosntor.

Services Service ProvidersVirtual Appliances. Once the mirror is online, future data is written simultaneously to both the primary volume and the mirror. Additionally, multiple client hosts may attempt to READ from the same volume simultaneously, such as databases or email storage groups.

New FalconStor NSS SAN Accelerator For VMware View

It makes sense to use ‘virtualization’ techniques to resolve your storage dilemma by consolidating the many storage systems into a storage resource pool and then managing them as a single entity. This has led to the adoption of storage virtualization and thin provisioning to improve resource use, simplify management, and reduce costs.


What happens once I submit a request? Other major and competing products in this category include: For details on the configuration method, refer to the manual of the fibre channel switch. Only fabric connection is supported for the connection type of Storage Server and managed server. Activities Corporate Responsibility Environment Technology. Product Details FalconStor NSS is a flexible storage virtualization solution that enables efficient and cost-effective provisioning and centralized management of storage resources across an bss organization.

Storage Storage ControllersStorage Solutions. I know, there are a lot of lists for nsd out there, but these will really help your channel business. You should receive the requested information within a week. Allows provisioning of virtual storage that represents a greater capacity than is physically allocated.

Your email address will not be published. Storage Server supports multiple NICs. Self-service file-level recovery — users can recover their own individual files as needed, saving storage administrators significant time and expense. It runs on the backup server, automatically initiating and faclonstor TimeMark snapshots when backup jobs are run.

The situation becomes even better if you can then use ‘thin provisioning’ to allow the servers into think they already have all the storage they need.

IT organizations can continue to leverage existing storage investments, reducing total cost of ownership TCO.

This includes the movement of data from older legacy systems to the latest storage environments as required. The biggest storage challenges today are the same as before: Everything can be addressed as though it was a single storage system, irrespective of number of physical storage units.

Physical connection requirements for FalconStor NSS

It is recommended to make it redundant using bonding. To fully meet these needs without compromise, Fujitsu has developed a flexible and robust solution. Data can be synchronized to a second storage device independent of the servers involved.


With the explosive growth of data flconstor databases, mail applications, and office automation applications, it is becoming difficult to keep up with storage demands and manage environments efficiently and cost-effectively. Additional physical capacity is automatically allocated only when needed. Server SolutionsServer Components. If it doesn’t, restart the download. Eight months in development, the networking company now offers mass customization to scores of partners.

FalconStor claims times storage performance improvement, plus multi-tiered data protection. Targeting by install base boosts your number of qualified accounts Refine results by company size, location, and industry. Delivery in one day or less. The cost depends on various factors, such as number of records, number of products and use of advanced filtering and search criteria.

As data storage continues to grow, so to do the problems of efficient storage management, cost effective use, and growth.

Companies using FalconStor NSS

With everything now centrally provisioned, you can simplify management of the entire storage ralconstor. NetApp has released hyperconverged infrastructure appliances integrated with the RedHat OpenShift Container Platform and support for Kubernetes and Docker container environments.

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. Read on for more details…. Some can even be from different suppliers. FalconStor NSS allows IT administrators to define business continuity policies appropriate to business application service-level agreements SLAs for a more service-oriented approach to application and data availability.