Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize One of the Washington Post Book World’s 10 Best Books of the Year One of Time’s 10 Best Books of the Year USA Today’s. This is the Story of The American Military Adventure in Iraq. The Heart of the story Fiasco has to tell, which has never been told before, is that of a Military. But many officers have shared their anger with renowned military reporter Thomas E. Ricks, and in ‘Fiasco’, Ricks combines these astonishing on-the- record.

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Information was distorted, exaggerated, and twisted until the truth was unrecognizable. Unfortunately, the first two premises were later proven to be false and partly based on fabrication. In fact, strategy has a very different and quite simple meaning that flows from just one short set of questions. Our government had no plan for 4th part which was occupying fiassco country. We have traditions, morals, and customs. Who are we, and what are we ultimately trying to do here?

Peacekeeping of the type done in the Balkans in the s was hardly the same thing, so our recent experiences there did little to alleviate the problem except to the extent they may have influenced the education of the Petraeuses of the world at the individual level. And to further delineate here are some antonyms: And maybe there are others. Not to mention the set up for future fiassco and the almost complete destruction of the United States international reputation.

This work and others as fiiasco raises important questio Retrospective on another important book published some years ago on Iraq. Iraq war has tens of topics to be written about. Again, we need to be somewhat cautious rkcks the many sources who spoke with the author.

They said they came to liberate us. This demonstrates an atypical and invaluable institutional capacity for self-learning Critically important but very difficult book to read. The main lesson the military took from Vietnam, according to Ricks, was not to improve counterinsurgency techniques, training, and doctrine, but simply to avoid that style of warfare in the future.

That this could not be in the long-term interests of the invading power hardly needs to be said.


Apr 07, Peter Buren rated it it was amazing. And the military brass, I feel the same way, but rcks were just following orders. Yes, the failures were outlined and yes, a lot of bad things have gone on over there.

That is what makes his book different, and important. Face it, there were just too many problems between the Department of Defense and the CAP Coalition Provisional Authoritythe ones giving the orders in most cases. But he also shows where lessons were learned from recent experience although one of the major failures of the war was an unwillingness to learn from prior conflictsand tells of success stories where they occurred.

How will we do it, and what resources and means will we employ in doing it? Ricks takes major issue with the following widely prevalent tactics of the American ricka There was a lot of criticism and disagreement, but since soldiers are taught to follow orders and since orders were being given by stupid Bush-loving civilians with no concept of what was going on over there, disasters naturally fiawco.

Ricks, and in ‘Fiasco’, Ricks combines these astonishing on-the-record military accounts with his own extraordinary on-the-ground fiaasco to create a spellbinding account of an epic disaster.

Ricks writes with considerable authority about the military. At other peoples’ expense. General Petraeus seems like a man with his head screwed on properly rkcks one of the very few people of any authority who comes out of this book reasonably well.

Red alert from the Green Zone

Many people soldiers, invariable understood early on in the piece that they were fighting an insurgency and therefore knew that what was needed was to use counter-insurgency tactics to win the hearts and minds of the local population — that they needed to do whatever it took to not further alienate the locals.

This is a remarkable book, and one that provides a very disturbing insight into the asylum that, for a frighteningly long time, had been taken over by the lunatics. From a different angle however, I think it’s possible to judge based on progress reports.

If, like me, you would gladly eat Bill Gates alive ifasco inflicting PowerPoint on the world — this book will help you to justify your loathing. I came to this book as someone who had read more than a handful of longform journalistic pieces on the second Fiascl War through the years, but would definitely claim no expertise on the matter fiwsco this is the first book-length treatment I’ve read on the subject.


There is a walk-on part fiaasco one Brit, Emma Sky, who was Odierno’s chief adviser, but the only mention of the broader UK role is brief and disparaging. I didn’t find this a biased book at all.

Review: The Gamble by Thomas E Ricks | Books | The Guardian

In my experience, people like these should be more widely remembered for their bravery in going against the prevailing wisdom of the time, as their respective stands came at the cost of much derision from their contemporaries. When I was younger I liked to believe that somewhere in the US there were a group of conspirators — rivks the CIA or perhaps something even more shadowy and secret — who would sit around a table and maybe that table would even be round and develop plans for total world domination.

View all 7 comments. Views Read Edit View history. The Washington Post’s Thomas Ricks has written a dense, readable and highly-detailed account of the first 3 years of the American war in Iraq as seen and experienced from within the US military. Recommended to Erik by: By the end of this book, the politicians remain in denial, the military is disenfranchised and demoralized, and the Iraqi insurgency is here to stay.

But even with a better class of defence secretary, Robert Gates, the surge ricos easily have failed.

Firstly, in one community online that I peek into now and then I skimmed over a discussion on the boards about it a few months ago. Richard Myers, and America’s top commander in Iraq in the early going, Lt. My library Help Advanced Book Search. But if Ricis could spot so many of our military fixsco policy missteps as an overworked theology student, what the hell was our White House and DOD doing?

Ricks covers the range of errors from the political to the strategic to the tactical to the diplomatic and offered analysis as to what went wrong and why.