Wyższej Szkoły Bankowej, Toruń ; A. Kosztowniak, P. Misztal, I. Pszczółka, A. Szelągowska, Finanse i rozliczenia międzynarodowe, Wyd. C.H. Beck. 10 A. kosztowniak, Międzynarodowe instytucje finansowe a kryzysy finansowe, in : A. kosztowniak, P. Misztal, i. Pszczółka, A. szelągowska, Finanse i rozliczenia. Kosztowniak A., Misztal E, Pszczółka I., Szelągowska A., Finanse i rozliczenia międzynarodowe, C.H. Beck, Warszawa Krugman E, Market-Based Debt.

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The thesis concerns the analysis of the exchange rate of the selected currency pair. Students will learn about the major categories of risk accompanying international business and basic tools reducing these risks.

IX, New York-Geneva On the other hand, it was affirmed that one of the most important factors which determined economic growth in Poland in the period was export of goods.

Midzynaridowe of investigation also revealed that the changes in external debt service in Poland accounted for about 3. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system:.

Wybrane problemy, PWE, Warszawa Has ability to design and predict complex economic processes using advanced methods and tools in the field of finance and accounting Has ability to understand and analyze economic phenomena and processes, enhanced by skill of an in-depth theoretical assessment of these phenomena and processes in financial terms, using appropriate research method Social competence Properly identifies and resolves the dilemmas associated with profession.

In the paper were used methods based on the literature study of public finance and international finance as well as econometric methods Vector Autoregression Model – VAR. Is able to participate in the preparation of socio-economic projects and can predict multidimensional economic implications, especially financial ones, of taken action.

Apart from the technical merits, technical and linguistic features of the work has also the impact on the assessment.


Topics will be given during the course. The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the economic relationships taking place in the international financial market and use this knowledge to financial management in conditions of international companies.

International Finance – University of Łódź

The forecast of the exchange rate level within the fimanse year, together midzynarodoee the specification of the exchange rate at the end of the forecast, determines the 5 grade.

Firstly, in was confirmed relatively significant linear relationship between long-term, external debt service and GDP in Poland. Discussion practice class Expository method Discussion lecture Search methods case study Search methods Seminar discussion. The assessment of 4 is granted in the case of indication of the impact of the phenomenon on other areas of the economy.

Passing the exam at each of the lecturers results in an assessment, i.

System kursów walutowych – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Moreover, on the basis of VAR model estimation it was confirmed a negative impact of external debt service on the volume of GDP in Poland in the considered period. Knowlege Has an enhanced knowledge of economic sciences nature, in particular emphasis on finance and accounting, their place in the science system as well as their relationship to other sciences Has knowledge on different midzynaroxowe organizations and financial aspects of their performance Possesses enhanced knowledge of selected regulations and standards legal, organizational, professional, ethical in the finance and accounting field.

The aim of the study was to analyze the causal relationship between long-term, external debt external debt service and economic growth in Poland during Other didactic materials Osoba J. On the basis of the analysis concerning the relationship between foreign debt external debt service and economic growth in Poland in the period there rozlicczenia pointed several kosztoaniak conclusions.

System kursów walutowych

Oosztowniak practice class Exchange rate essence and characteristics of the exchange rate, the types of exchange rates The foreign exchange market definition, cash market, futures market, currency arbitrage Balance of payments rules for construction, balance, balance of payments deficit problems International monetary system principles, evolution The relationship between exchange rates, inflation and interest rates purchasing parity, the real exchange rate, domestic and international Fisher effect, interest rate parity The international debt crisis debt crisis causes, methods of solving the debt problem Derivative instruments in the international currency rozkiczenia Exchange rate risk the risk of conversion, operational risk, economic risk, foreign exchange risk reduction methods Funding on the international market Eurobonds, depositary receipts, forfaiting, cost of capital in international business Political risk in foreign investment method of calculation, management.


The presentation of a possible scenario of changes in the value of exchange rate determinants is required to obtain a 4 grade. Grade for “Discussion practice class” is determined on the basis of results of the following components of passing requirements: Final grade determined on the basis of results of the following components of passing requirements: The element mifzynarodowe to obtain a sufficient mark is to identify factors that may affect the exchange rate and determine the direction midzynarodowf this outflow.

Beck, Warszawa Markiewicz M.

Beck, Warszawa Supplementary literature Najlepszy E. You are not logged in log in. Skills Is able property to interpret and explain the processes and business phenomena, including financial ones, and kosztowniiak between them.

External debt and economic growth in Poland in the period Additionally alternatively students can prepare a thesis on the contemporary problems of international finance. Supplementary literature Najlepszy E. A 3 grade is given for the general characterization of the problem.