Results 1 – 12 of 20 The making of the slavs: history and archaeology of the Lower Danube Region, ca. by Florin. Curta. Currently unavailable. Florin Curta has 18 books on Goodreads with ratings. Florin Curta’s most popular book is The Making of the Slavs: History and Archaeology of the Lowe. Rating and reviews for Professor Florin Curta from University of Florida Gainesville, FL United States.

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Have to attend his classes all of the exam questions and quizzes come from his lectures. He is very passionate about what he teaches, which can make him excited at times and go quickly cufta the lectures. As a young man he was drafted into the Romanian army where he served as a paratrooper.

Dr. Florin Curta ‘ 95, ’98 Receives 2003 Alumni Achievement Award

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. There is another reason for which I think that capitalism is still the better curtz. Besides that, my TA was great so the weekly discussions were what I got the most out of. Medieval Archaeology and Bohemia. The beginning of the Middle Ages in the Balkans more. He is an Orthodox Christian. However, floirn the collection and the publication of the radiocarbon dates are faulty, and the conclusions drawn on such a basis are therefore wrong.


NationalismEthnicityand Early Slavs. The quizzes are based on the primary readings, so I definitely recommend keeping up with the readings curya week theyre not that bad or else you will do poorly on the quizzes. One of the most important is Nova Tabla, near Murska Sobota.

Florin Curta

Only three Syro-Palestinian lamps are known—all from the lands north of the river Danube. European Journal of Archaeology 16no. Cambridge University Press, Finally, there is little, if any individual freedom under Communism.

What were the uses of those objects in the daily life of the hilltop military sites in the Xurta, and how can the presence of lamps outside the Empire be explained?

Obraz i arkheologiia pechenegov more. Al-Masaq 25no. I slowly lost vlorin in this class as the semester went on because his teaching method is chaotic. Such reasons have much more to do with the narrative strategies that he employed than with the norms of the Greek language.

Religious cutta and mission were completely banned, but young people like myself who grew up with religious grandparents still got sufficient exposure to incorporate Christian values into their early education, despite the aggressive atheism of the official school education.

He changed my views on history. His language capabilities, which include a reading knowledge of no less than eleven languages including some he does not bother to list on his C. Very helpful if you go to office hours. I had sufficient time to observe and understand attitudes towards Christianity in American society and especially in universities.


Books by Florin Curta (Author of The Making of the Slavs)

Millennium 10 By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Perhaps, but nothing on the level of what I have experienced in Romania. The paper analyzes the role attributed to the Vlachs in the French chronicles, and attempts to explain the similarity to the coverage of things Vlach in Cuta Choniates. Bohemia, Hungary, and Poland, c. IP addresses are logged.

He has amazing lectures and goes out of his way to help students. In the US, the anti-Christian bias is a matter of a n admittedly large number of people pretending to be tolerant, but espousing virulently anti-Christian views. Prof d-r Boris Borisov uchenici i priiateli. Remarks on the early medieval settlement ccurta Nova Tabla Slovenia more.

Do you think anti-Christian bias in academia is significant?

Church, churchyard, and children in the early medieval Balkans: Angel on earth and heavenly man: One could suggest, only half jokingly, that he was the original Indiana Jones. Directory Faculty Alphabetical Graduate Directory. Curta is a very good professor, just not for Good Life.