The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant and dangerous. Considered dissolute, reckless, and extravagant, he was transparently referred to as the ′D of J′ in scandal. It’s Laura Kinsale at the top of her game – or anybody else’s, for that matter. I read Flowers From the Storm 4 times and each time was as heart wrenching as. flowers from the storm Oh yeah, and I read Laura Kinsale’s Flowers from the Storm and never looked at linguistics, illness, communication.

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The inabilities affect his emotions in every way.

A pox on all controlling churches! I think what Maddy heard from Christian was that he would keep his daughter, no matter what, and that one thing changed everything for her.

I love the old aunt, fiesty thing that she is. She has done so much for him — she was the only one who could see the truth about him when he was incarcerated, she saved him from a life of painful treatments, helped to protect him from his grasping family, helped him to learn to speak, write and understand… loved him – and yet at the time he needs her the most, she begins to withdraw from him.

Not outright terrible, just not special. A fantastic well written story, Ms.

Gossamer Obsessions: “Flowers from the Storm,” by Laura Kinsale

I can visualize so much of this story. How wrong you are. Could you please let me know whether this book is still available for me.


Jervaulx was an amazing character and you could feel his frustration when he tried to speak and control his mind to try and make things work. Over time, he gradually learns to communicate, especially with her. Sometimes he only responds with facial expressions or gestures. Then he has plans to seduce her, just because he still can, which leads to one of my favorite scenes in the book: The Debutante Is Mine.

Jan 18, Bgurl don’t h8 me cuz I’m honestful rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: My heart feels pain when I think about this story and I finished it a couple of weeks ago.

A yellow tabby tumbled free. Her Quaker “friends” become a big obstacle.

Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale – FictionDB

I absolutely love FFTS! The one atop her head stayed put, but cried and cried, digging in claws that tickled painfully. Some books are so run of the mill that they get lost in the shuffle of profligate rakes and prim spinsters finding improbable love, but THIS book cannot be lumped in with the rest.

Kindle copy obtained via library loan, but I’m pretty sure I own a copy somewhere in that pile ‘o’ books. Dabney Fowers March 16, at 9: It solidified laurs belief that literature can change your life, and it confirmed my desire to make books and the fiction of feeling my career.

I think nostalgia brought me there. I was never very happy flowerw that title, and wish I were better at thinking up good titles!


The Book I’ll Never Reread: Laura Kinsale’s FLOWERS FROM THE STORM

It made me so sad floers imagine what it must be like for him being unable to effectively and clearly communicate, and even to understand the things that were once so basic and integral to daily life. She is there to volunteer time with the patients at the facility, and there is where they begin a journey together to help him recover his cognitive speech abilities the primary disability he suffered and regain his social standard in life he’s a duke.

The thing is, I still stoem just as hard or harder, than I did the first time. Some months later, Maddy and her father arrive at the asylum in stodm to assist Edward in his undertaking, and it is there that Maddy is horrified to see Christian again, chained, almost wild and considered extremely dangerous.

As a result she is neither fish nor fowl, and is continually fighting to reconcile her personal desires with her conscience.

Maddy is also amazing! European Historical Romance Review Tags: No, quiero ser justa tthe misma. So I wanted her to work out her issues with Christian and find her happy ending.