Fluke A Digital Multimeter DIGIT Engineering Bench Precision OPT 02a 03 About this product. About this product. Product Identifiers. BRAND. Fluke. Full text of “FLUKE A Instruction”. See other formats. Instruction Manual P/N MARCH 1 REV 1, 3/86 ®, John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc. All Rights. Active Filter Block Diagram A Fast A/D Converter The Fast A/ D Converter employs Fluke’s patented recirculating remainder (R2) technique.

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The instrument will the find Rx by measuring VO and multiplying this constant. Zero mode is toggled off if a function other than dc voits V or ohms Z is selected. This verification procedure is explained in Section 4.

Therefore, the actual reading is returned, and the error buffer is reset to Measurement stability dluke thereby be checked over a period of time. Two methods of filter selection are available. Each new measurement is initiated with a trigger. A comprehensive setup routine is summarized in Figure A maximum of any 15 characters excepting immediate and termination characters can be programmed following the K3 command.

Fluke A used or new for sale at used-line

Programming Instructions A, A 2A 3- 1. In Scaling mode, readings are divided by a numerically entered scale factor or by a previously read value.

Flue character used to exit High Speed mode must be sent by itself. This signal is used to generate mark interrupts which time the background process.


Continue stepping to available higher, lower ranges. Autoranging Tests Wait till display clears. Use of “J” or “JO” will exit the “J1” mode. If the error still exists, a new reading must be triggered to reload the error buffer and return the error message.

Additional Recall Commands The following additional recall commands are available with either the A or the A: The fast filter Fluuke is always selected when a slow filter F or Flke is in effect. For example, the range is specified to position the decimal point, and the filter mode may be changed to improve noise rejection.

Although software calibration procedures are not discussed here, the following considerations must be observed if Calibration mode is turned on the Calibration mode is enabled or disabled with the rear panel Calibration Switch when the multimeter is in local control: Since these higher sample settings may require considerable time for a display update, this feature is necessary to 8505w that the operator is aware of a reading in progress.

Fluke 8505A reference multimeter

Push again to disengage, reconnecting front terminals and disconnecting rear terminals. In this situation, only the sample and filter restrictions defined by the A ac volts functions are applicable. The following trigger mode transitions will occur when halt is used: PEAK lights when Peak mode is enabled.

The Calibration mode state is on or off solely dependent on the position of the rear panel Calibration Switch. If GO is used when any other function Is selected, the dc zero recalled is the value for the mV range only.


8505s, if Average mode was previously on, it is turned off, sample is set to S7 and filter is set to FO.

Showing Results for Fluke 8505A

Any error that occurred during iocai operation wiil be stored and available for recall. Refer to text for use with Calibration mode. The following recall sequence is used: This exponent is a two’s complement binary number representing the decimal exponent of the binary fixed point number defined by the first 4 bytes.

Complete software calibration information is presented in Appendix 7B of this manual. If the same function is re-selected, the multimeter assumes autoranging and retains all other existing modes and stored values.

Do not cycle power on or off with this rluke ON. Calibration Date and Identification Number If it 85005a necessary to clear all calibration factors as in a check sum error 25 condition or prior to hardware calibration of ail functionsthe K4G1 command string can be used.

Nulls are discarded and not stored. Refer to appropriate areas in this table for a more detailed description. Position the measurement terminal controls right of terminals as required. When an A function is changed, the multimeter is configured as follows: The output format from the instrument when given a “G” command is as follows: Programming Instructions 2A-2 2A