Model: A. Manufacturer: Fluke. About: We are NES Sales, Northeast’s industrial source. Notes: Does not include stand. Sold as-is, as pictured. | eBay!. Fluke A bench multimeter. «on: November 04, , am». I got this oldie from ebay the other day, the seller sold it as untested but it works. Fluke will not be liable for any claims, losses or damages of any kind incurred by any user arising from use of this manual. A Digital Multimeter Instruction.

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Each range and function of the A is equipped with input overload protection. Back to home page.

Basic Measurement Instructions 3- 1. The offset voltage reference is protected from over- voltage conditions by Q8 and Q9.

U4 has a gain of 5 so the waveform at its output should be 5 times its input not inverted. The instrument range is presented in a three-bit bed format at DOU output connector pins H, 7, and F. BZ is presented to U10 as a data fluk.

Remove the molded plastic outer case from the A see par.

Reference Designation or Item Number e. The range and function switch posi- tions in conjunction with strobe signal inputs to U16, con- trol the illumination of the polarity indicator on the display and the selection of fluuke or six ranges for fouke autorange feature. Use the recommended dc voltage calibrator see Table to apply the prescribed dc voltages to the V-f2 INPUT terminals and, where required, make the adjustments to meet the specified display limits.

Fluke 8600A FOR RENT

The converter then changes the ac input to an equivalent dc voltage for the mV and 2V ranges. If the bed information at U8 is cor- rect the probable cause of the failure is U Strip one-half inch of insulation from the DOU con- nector end flkue the wires and tin each wire. Clean the front panel and exterior surfaces with an- hydrous ethyl alcohol or a soft cloth dampened with a mild solution of detergent and water.

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Also errors due to noise are minimized. On the underside of the pcb, remove the two threaded bolts securing the battery holders. Use the following procedure for initial turn-on of the A; a. A separate storage compartment is provided for test leads, power cord, and other compact accessories.

Hauppauge, New York, United States.

The other control signals work the same way except that the gates of the FETs go to OV during their signal on times.

All material in the container should be checked against the enclosed packing list.

Fluke A Digital Multimeter | eBay

This protection applies for any function and range selected. Sales Representatives – Domestic The offset prong on this connector is connected to the A power supply, and should be connected, via the power cord, to a high quality earth ground.

The manufacturer will not be responsible for shortages against the packing sheet unless notified immediately. If the instrument is damaged in any way, a claim should be filed with the carrier immediately. The battery manufacturer recommends allowing the instrument to warm up to room temperature before charging the unit. The decimal point logic DPL from U8 outputs a signal at the flukr priate strobe signal.

The contaminants on printed circuit boards can first be loosened by spraying them with Freon T. If the recommended equip- ment is not available, equipment of equivalent specifi- cations may be used. Range truth tables are included in table If absent or wrong, check that output from U8, keeping in mind that the driver transistors act as inverters. The following circuit descriptions are keyed to the functional blocks defined in the overall functional block diagram of Figure For switching between the lowest range and the higher ranges, U17 changes the reference applied to U4 and the charge path of C Flukee specifications for the Battery Pack are given in Section 1 of this manual.


Digital Multimeter 8600A

Use the following procedure to 86600a the power supply output voltages. If the instrument passes this test, the indication is that the fault is in the Input Divider or in the range selection. Use the following procedure for operating the A with the probe: In range programming U8 the a input sets the upper range limit and the 3 dluke sets the lower limit.

This section of the manual contains information concerning maintenance and servicing of the Model A Digital Multimeter. Other offers may also be available. DC Current Test 1.

Digital Multimeter A Equipment Fluke, John, Mfg. Co

Box Tel Aviv Tel: Sleeving, 16 for vinyl wire, or 18 for teflon. Model A Specifications 2- 1. Ohms Test Teflon 8600w vinyl insulated wire, 26 gauge, 3 1 pieces cut to the desired length.

Fluke Technical Service Centers 7. Fluke will not be liable for any claims, losses or damages of any flhke incurred by any user arising from use of this manual. The operation of the ac converter can be checked for the dc fluuke offset by performing the following pro- cedure.

Description of each part c. The output data is in parallel bed format and is compatible with the Fluke Model A Digital Printer. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The complete schematic diagrams are lo- cated in Section 8 of this manual.