An updated translation of the definitive text on spider biology by the author of the second German-language edition from Thieme Verlag. The writer places. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Biology of spiders / Rainer F. Foelix | Traducción de: Biologie der spinnen Incluye bibliografía e índice. Biology of Spiders has 47 ratings and 9 reviews. Namrirru said: I love this book! Not just because I love spiders, but this book is lucidly written and f.

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Sep 08, Koa rated it really liked it. Aug 31, Dave marked it as to-read Shelves: When all these muscles contract, the stomach lumen increases greatly and the stom- ach thus functions as a suction pump. Three dendritic nerve endings are attached to the base of the hair shaft Foelix and Chu-Wang, a, Barth et al. The regular tactile hair consists of a long, exocuticular hair shaft that is suspended in a slipper-shaped socket in which it can move figs.

Finally, some money spiders Linyphiidae possess chelicerae with stridula- tory organs for producing sounds see chapter 9. Their small eyes can produce sharp images only at very short distances, yet they perceive motions as far as 20 cm away Homann, Structure and Function of the Heart The heart tube consists of a thin outer layer adventitia composed of connective tissue and of the actual muscle layer myocardium that forms the circular heart lume Seitz, a.

The excretory products Ex are accumulated in intracellular compartments. Jun 15, Danielle rated it really liked it. These small sensory organs are embedded in the exoskeleton at strategic points. Opisthosoma An Overview of the Internal Organs The midgut enters the opisthosoma through the narrow stalk of the pedicel.


Biology of Spiders by Rainer F. Foelix

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Nerve B is a motor nerve consisting of about large fibers. Theridiid and pholcid spiders also have a row of serrated bristles on their fourth legs. Harmless prey animals receive a smaller dose of venom than strong and aggressive prey. Some ancient spiders e.

Using an atomic force microscope, the adhesive force van der Foelixx forces of a single end foot was determined as 38 nN for a scopula hair in the jumping spider Evarcha Kesel et al. The family Philodromidae was formerly grouped together with the Thomisidae, although they bear only a superficial resemblance to crab spiders Homann, Mechanically abraded epicuticle is replaced by material supplied by the pore canals, which traverse the cuticle layers vertically and terminate at the surface.

Instead, these spiders possess, in the second abdominal segment, special tubular tracheae called sieve tracheae.

The flat tubule cells foeix typical brush borders Mv.

In spiders, as in most other arthropods, the heartbeat is controlled neurogeni- cally. After Millot, ; Foelix et al. While I did enjoy seeing the photos, some times it was a little bit hard to see them clearly because they were old black and white shots and spiderz things just blended in too much with backgrounds or surrounding items.

These act as a buttress for the movable fang. The proximal part gives off two lateral extensions, each of which Figure 3. Segmentation In most spiders the opisthosoma is soft and expandable.

Biology of Spiders

Empty spaces in the lumen Lu represent excretions that have dissolved during tissue preparation. They are then called lyriform organs because their shape is reminiscent of a lyre. Only few cuticular pieces ov as some bristles or the corneal lenses of the compound eye can still be identified. Apr 27, Ned rated it really liked it. Note the fine silk threads that fit exactly into the notches arrows of the hair shafts.


During this contraction the heart elongates, and the hemolymph is pushed forward into the anterior aorta in the prosoma and backward into the posterior aorta in the opistho- soma.

Biology of Spiders – Rainer F. Foelix – Google Books

After Gerhardt and Kaestner, Things like organ placement or leg movement. During diastole, even the heart lumen shows a negative pressure suctionwhich leads to a refilling of the heart tube through the ostia. The extent of the tracheal system differs greatly, even within a single spider family.

Each leg has seven segments: In those rare cases where the skin is broken as may happen from our garden spiderthe effects—local swelling, blisters, and raised body temperature—are neg- ligible Maretic, Every time a spider molts, the cuticular part of the tendon is discarded along with the shed skin exuvium.

Furthermore, the most efficient spot to quickly paralyze a cricket, for instance, lies around the coxae of the front legs—and this is exactly where most of the spider bites were observed. Each epithelial cell may contain inclusions, such as pigment granules or guanine crystals.

After Malli et al. Lacunae are also present in the posterior opisthosoma, and the flow of hemolymph there is directed forward toward the lung sinus. Leg Joints and Musculature The movability of the seven leg segments is determined not only by the extensive musculature but also by the different types of joints.

At maximal activity strugglingvalues of mm Hg were spders Stewart and Martin,