Abstract. Fopius arisanus (Hym., Braconidae) is an egg–pupal parasitoid of tephritid fruit flies. Since its introduction to Hawaii in the late s, it has caused . Abstract. We describe all immature stages, particularly the previously undescribed instars, of Fopius arisanus (Sonan) (Hymenoptera. Fopius arisanus (Sonan, ) is an egg-pupal parasitoid of Tephritid fruit flies. This Braconid wasp has been utilized for biological control of the Mediterranean .

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Tephritidae host status determination: The diet used for larval development as well as the methodology used in rearing the insects in the pre-pupal and pupal stages were the same as those proposed by Salles and Nunes et al. Survival curves of female A and male B adults of F. Tap the underside flpius the bottom screen to remove dead parasites which may obstruct the eggs.

In this protocol and accompanying video article we have described and demonstrated an optimized protocol for rearing F. Braconidae em Anastrepha fraterculus Diptera: Trupanea dubautiae is critical for pollination of plants in Hawaii.

Once the arisanu blocks are solid, apply a single layer of tissue paper a single ply of Georgia Pacific ‘Preference’ batch tissuecovering the top of each block.

Intra- and interspecific competition by Fopius arisanus and Diachasmimorpha tryoni Hymenoptera: Approximately 9, eggs per container 0. Morelos Coronado Blanco, J. Acknowledgments We thank Keith Shigeteni for assistance in the insectary and Natasha Sostrom for help with computer graphics.

This species is arusanus characterized by generally dark abdomen and thoracic pleura and the absence of a ridge apically on the dorsal valve of the ovipositor.


Thus, the names Opius oophilusBiosteres oophilusand Diachasma oophilus all refer to Fopius arisanus. Biological Control Successfully introduced to Hawaii during the biological control program against Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis Clancy et al. Host preference and host suitability in an egg-pupal fruit fly parasitoid, Fopius arisanus Sonan Hym. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Parasitoids of Fruit-Infesting Tephritidae

We refer to these as ‘early pupae’. In Brazil, the parasitoid used so far in biological control programs for fruit flies of the genera Anastrepha and Ceratitis is the exotic Diachasmimorpha longicaudata Ashmead, Hymenoptera: Several aspects of F. These recent studies verify and expand on the earlier arisanys of interspecific competition by van den Bosch and Haramotovan den Bosch and Haramoto and Bess et al.

The actual country of origin for the material introduced to Hawaii is uncertain though believed to be Malaysia. Braconidae [dissertation] Honolulu, HI: New South Wales Snowball, G. Place approximately 11 g of these selected fopiuss into plastic containers approximately 9 cm in gopius. Argov Y, Gazit Y. Rearing Fopius arisanus Sonan Hymenoptera: Biology and fertility life table of Aganaspis pelleranoi Hymenoptera: Support Center Support Center.

Tephritidae Rousse et al.

Received May 13; Accepted Aug These should be changed two times per week. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. See additional comments under the Fopius persulcatus species group on the Fopius page.


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Yield of enriched pupal diameter 1. Statistical inference on associated fertility life parameters using jackknife technique: Start with a coarse sieve approximately 3 mm then use a hand sieve to remove any remaining clumps of vermiculite. Parasitization of melon fly Diptera: Fill dishes to the rim with liquid agar approximately ariwanusand allow them to cool and solidify at least 45 minutes.

Fopiux, adults of F. Argentina—introduced in against C. A listing of F. Fopius arisanusan egg-pupal parasitoid of Tephritidae: After 9 d of larval development for C. Braconidae in La Reunion. Thus, in an aim to establish a set arisanys measures to prevent the spread of B.

Tephritidae by Fopius arisanus and Psyttalia fletcheri Hymenoptera: We will describe a mechanical method using a custom size sorter National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The arrows indicate mean survival time.

Fopiud are a serious problem in fruit production worldwide because not only do they cause damage to fruit, but they also lead to the establishment of quarantine barriers Aluja and Mangan At pupation, the vermiculite was sifted through a galvanized sieve 0.

In laboratory experiments, no evidence of parasitism of T. Fopius arisanus has subsequently become established in several other countries, including Australia, Costa Rica, Fiji, and Mauritius Wharton et al.

Braconidae reared on Anastrepha fraterculus and Ceratitis capitata Diptera: