Used Fostex FEE Loudspeakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Find great deals for Fostex FEE Full Range Speaker (pair). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Shown is an example of a FEE bass re- flex type enclosure. • The stand serves as both speaker stand and bass reflex duct (port). • Packed sand or other fill.

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When teamed with the 6T9 tube ampfor which they were intended, they really come into their own. Improvements The high frequency of the FEE sounds a bit harsh and fizzy.

But as I progressed, it turned out to be a meaningful exercise because these speakers were all designed to synergize with the same kind of amplification SET tube amps and low-power Tripath amps predominantlyso finding out which suited what became a momentous challenge. Augment the high frequency with Fostex FT17H Damp the FEE speaker frame by using felt, plasticine or clay Remove the dust cap, install a phase plug Dampen the whizzer cone with a fosttex lacquer Foshex design Click here to get the high resolution speaker plans.

I built a floor-standing version as a result of that to push the limit of this driver. Auditioning and comparing three loudspeakers seemed to be unduly ambitious and ear-boggling at first.

The objective is clear: The drivers are wired up and Silver soldered with Canare wire. While they all adopt Fostex’ recommended bass reflex enclosure, the Omegas were front ported, the Whitewater is rear ported in a slightly smaller cabinet. The terminal connectors are all brass gold plated binding posts and will accept spades, banana plugs or up to 4 AWG wire.


Warm sounding partners recommended. The grills fosex attached to the speakers using Velcro. Components count is low and it should not cost one much to build one and therefore one can splash for better components, such as: The company soon migrated into audio retail through a new umbrella called OZ Enterprises and started marketing its own creations in under the Unity Audio brand.

DIY Audio Projects – Hi-Fi Blog for DIY Audiophiles: Fostex FEE Bass Reflex Speakers

Purists who favor low-powered SET amps mated to high-efficiency single-driver speakers glorify their musicality. Binding posts are gold-plated and can accept bananas, large spades, pins or bare wire.

The 1st -order crossover provides a very gentle roll-off 6dB per octave and contains only two components: The Xmax figures of the 4. For those that purchased them for keeping sake or spares, congratulations! They all are assembled in Canada with locally produced cabinetry and carry a year warranty.

The Whitewater is in Cherry veneer and the Inner Spirit serene white is hand-finished multi-coated enamel varnished with clear top coat – not top-notch craftsmanship but still good decent value. The tweeter is a Hi Vi Research TN25 1″ soft fabric dome featuring a ferrofluid-cooled voice-coil and self-shielding neodymium magnet, pre-built with a non-resonant, fosgex acoustic rear chamber.

Fostex FE167E

The first few days of playing will see the drivers settle though expect to put in twenty to fifty hours before they settle completely. The Clearwater is a two-way design with a minimalist crossover network.


The Clearwater’s most affordable standard finish is simulated black ash laminate with silver front baffle and black cloth grille. It’s a two-way bookshelf.

Fostex FE167E Full Range Speaker (pair)

Holding the cables in my hand, the price seemed too good to be true. I had recently completed a small low wattage fe167 valve amplifierand asked Gio for some suggestions on speakers to match the amp. The purists loathe multiple drivers and the whole string of complications to follow – crossover network that might induce phase- and time-alignment problems take the obvious blame.

Let’s see if there’s any correlation to Unity Audio speakers fe167s begin with. If you further tweaked it by removing the dust cap will be discussed later0. The binding post block was fitted and oxygen free copper speaker wire was used for the connections. I understand that you will display my submission on your website.

This review page is supported in part by the sponsor whose ad is displayed above. The latest Omega models have relocated their resonance ports to the rear and shifted from Fostex to HempCone drivers, which reportedly “prefer more foztex amps”.

The high frequency of the FEE sounds a bit harsh and fizzy. Do not judge the sound when it is still fresh. He suggested the Fostex FEE.