“Geniul lui Kafka este de a povesti ca pe o poveste reala, de a folosi realismul in descrierea unei situatii enorm fictionale. () Din clipa in care axioma. The Metamorphosis has ratings and reviews. Rebecca said: I once used my copy to kill a beetle. Thereby combining my two passions: irony a. One of the most curious, dark, and transportive museums in eastern Europe.

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Besides the psychological approach, interpretations focusing on sociological aspects which see the Samsa family as a portrayal of general social circumstances, have gained a large following as well.

View all 24 comments. Robinson and Delamarche in Amerika as well as in his short stories A Country Doctor the country doctor and the groom and A Hunger Artist the hunger artist and the panther. Marie I’ll try to answer too, because Franz is also from Czech where he lived but wrote his pieces in German. His first thought was not of himself, but of the hardship his condition would cause his family. These constructions are not directly replicable in English, so it is up to the translator to provide the reader with the effect of the original text.

Despite his transformation, what initially upsets Gregor most is that he is missing work. View all 37 comments. Gregor runs out of the room and into the kitchen. Kafka’s sentences often deliver an unexpected impact just before the period — that being the finalizing meaning and focus. Translated from German, The Metamorphosis is the story of how Gregor Samsa’s transformation tears his family apart. I’ve found a cool website with side-by-side English and German versions of the story: The father and the Father seem united in the character of the elder Samsa.


May God Bless your soul. What are the reasons behind this name? All kidding aside, the ending is pretty sad.

The Metamorphosis

I started out with 3 stars based on my college memories of reading this, upped it to 4 stars when I finished it the other day, and, after spending more time analyzing it for this metamorgoza, am finally winding up with 5. This speaks volumes about how people are too narrow in their thinking to deal with life creatively and with imagination.

Short story Absurdist fiction Slipstream.

His attitude towards his son is harsh; he regards the transformed Gregor with disgust and possibly even fear, and he attacks him on multiple occasions. Some of the German dialogue and expressions don’t translate well into English. The most important member of the family is swept aside, forgotten about and life continues as it always must.


Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Another reason why Kafka opposed such an illustration is that the reader should not be biased in any way before his reading process was getting under way. Initially excited, he quickly discovers that he has no taste for milk, once one of his favorites. Three servants appear in the course of the story. Ungeziefer has sometimes been translated as ” cockroach “, ” dung beetle “, ” beetle “, and other highly specific terms.

April – Metamorphosis Dec 03, What is most compelling about Kafka is his ability to construct a tale from personal anxiety and injury that broadcasts as a universal message to all that read it, honing in on the guilt, loneliness and frustration in every heart.

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Leer a Kafka “con los ojos de Kafka”: His father had very high expectations from him and beat him a lot if he did a little mistake both physically and mentally.

Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka – Free Ebook

Powerlessness is also another theme that runs through the story. The musings on the plight and unique depression of long hours in strange faraway places hit home, as well as the notion from everyone else that traveling in such a manner is some royal treat.

The kfaka takes a trolley ride out to the countryside, during which they consider their finances. Gregor becomes noticeably less human and more accepting of his transformative state. After the metamorphosis, Gregor becomes unable to work and is confined metamprfoza his room for most of the remainder of the story.

View all 39 comments. Trivia About The Metamorphosis.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Can someone tell me the reasons why this book is named The Metamorphosis? Aug 13, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing. He also points to the grotesque and tragicomical, silent film-like elements. Note the symbolic apple and the crucifixion imagery here: We care about people here in Sweden, no matter what their akfka condition is. See all 24 questions about The Metamorphosis…. Max reads from an unnamed play Shriek vehemently by first transformed-sight of himself?