Fred Neulander. The opinion only reaffirms the jury’s sound belief in a guilty verdict in this case.” Carol Neulander was beaten to death by two. A LOOK BACK: Rabbi Fred Neulander murder trial .. The rabbi, now 73, is serving a life sentence for murder with no release date in sight. Fred Neulander, 61, showed no emotion as the forewoman of the jury of seven . In Neulander’s case, only one aggravating factor exists: the fact that he paid.

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Fred Neulander

In future cases, a defendant therefore need not make an affirmative request of the trial court that his or her witnesses appear in civilian clothing. Defendant contends the testimony should not have been admitted because Carol’s state of mind as to why she allowed a stranger into the home was not relevant. He also told Matthew that he had had multiple affairs and was involved in a long-term affair at the time of Carol’s death. Neulander had also argued Court error on the issue of double or triple layer “hearsay” evidence; i.

For example, a victim’s statement that she feared the accused can be admitted to rebut a claim that the victim’s death was accidental. This requires a showing “that counsel made errors so serious that counsel was not functioning as the ‘counsel’ guaranteed the defendant by numner Sixth Amendment.

The only issue is his state of mind. He worked every Tuesday from 7: I denied Carol Neulander the right numbber have a full and fruitful life. He also heard a hissing and gurgling sound coming from her. Jenoff’s use of the bathroom earned him the moniker “bathroom man” from Carol Neulander. Therefore, an evidentiary hearing was not required on the PCR petition. Prosecutor James Lynch asked for the maximum penalty. A man Jenoff the two knew as the “bathroom” man — because he had visited once before and neulancer to use the bathroom — had arrived.

Although the long-awaited murder trial only began Monday, much of the events leading up to the Nov.

On appeal, defendant argues. Faulk countered that in the Neulander case, it was clear to the prosecutor from the start what the weak points were. The trial judge gave no limiting instruction regarding the use of the co-defendant’s guilty plea and no curative instruction regarding the prosecutor’s improper summation comment.



Defendant maintains that the same precautions used when Beardsley testified were not followed when Keeny was presented as a witness. Weiss further testified that at Carol’s shiva, defendant sat comfortably in a black leather chair. The jury panel declined to apply the death penalty, relegating Neulander to serve 30 years to life in New Jersey Cred Prison in Nmber. Defendant also claimed that appellate counsel was remiss in cass to raise this issue on direct appeal.

More importantly, the prosecutor did not improperly argue that Jenoff’s and Daniels’ guilty pleas could be used as substantive evidence of defendant’s guilt and there were no instructions enhancing their credibility. Following argument of counsel, the judge agreed with the defense that “bias and interest of a witness [are] always. Holly attorney Mike Riley. At the sentencing hearing, he addressed the jury. Due to the intense media coverage in Camden County, the re-trial was moved to Monmouth County.

Defense attorney Michael Riley said that Soncini gave conflicting statements to police to hide her affair and protect her job, and that convicted killer Len Jenoff is testifying to get a lighter sentence. A Rabbi, a Mistress and a Hit Man. We note that evidence regarding a declarant’s existing state of mind may be admissible under the hearsay exception in N. The trial judge’s limiting instruction “‘should be formulated carefully to explain precisely the permitted and prohibited purposes of the fted.

Most people following the sensational case knew Jenoff, now cade, only as Neulander’s investigator for more than six years after the killing.

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In any event, the PCR court addressed the issue on the merits and correctly found that defendant had not been denied the effective assistance of trial or appellate counsel. The defense contended that Jenoff and Daniels acted independently, and that their motive was robbery. At this writing, he remains in prison. Beardsley that he was involved in committing another homicide,” 2 had “any information suggesting that he was the subject of another homicide investigation,” 3 “had any concerns or fears that he [would] be charged in connection with the other homicide,” 4 “agreed to talk to the police and if so,” 5 “to what extent does that interview.


Defendant’s statement was admissible because it was the statement of a party opponent, and it explained why Carol let a person she did not know into the home. He answered personal ads and used his synagogue office for trysts with his lovers. The issue is whether he thought that he might have been under some suspicion; and therefore, the issue of the tire tracks really does not bear upon that. Defendant asked her to “trust him” and told her that he would be with her by her birthday in December The trial judge overruled defense counsel’s objection to this testimony.

Upon receiving the confession, the Prosecution re-indicted and amended the charges against Neulander to reflect the identities of the conspirators.

The following month, using a body mike, Jenoff convinced Daniels to confess. Moreover, Jenoff filed a direct appeal, in which his attorney sought either a fifteen-year sentence with a five-year period of parole ineligibility, or nfulander lengthier presumptive sentence with a shorter period of parole ineligibility than the ten-years of parole ineligibility imposed by the court.

It should be noted that on direct appeal, defendant argued that the trial court had committed reversible error by allowing Kenny to testify in prison garb.

A month later, Elaine Soncini resigned from her radio job and retired to Florida. Daniels said that Jenoff first approached him about killing the wife of a vending machine man, but he later learned that the victim would be defendant’s wife.

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Jenoff and Daniels both escaped a potential death sentence for their murder-for-hire by pleading guilty and agreeing to testify against Neulander. For two years, Fred wooed her with passionate phone calls and love poems.

Therefore, whether he is guilty or not of the Bell homicide has no bearing on that. According to Jenoff, defendant said “he wanted to come home one night and find his wife dead on the floor.