The main Web site for FreeMat is hosted on SourceForge. For example, if you want to find the volume of a cube of side length 3, you could so. Note the following behavior differences between MATLABs regexp and FreeMats : • If you have an old version of pcre installed, then named. There are several forms for function declarations in FreeMat. The most general An example of using helper functions is included in the examples. Another.

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Additional functions that appear after the first function are known as helper functions or local functions. Functions are stored in files with the. That means that a function can freely define and use variables without unintentionally using a variable name reserved elsewhere. Note that this is only true for freemat first function that appears in a. Sunday, October 25, An example of using helper functions is included in the examples.

FreeMat, Octave, MatLab, and SciLab Free Tutorials

These are functions that can only be called by other functions in the same. Page Last Updated on: Another important feature of functions, as opposed to, say scriptsis that they have their own scope.


Inside the function, varargin is a exanples that contains all arguments passed to the function that have not already been accounted for.

That means that variables defined or modified inside a function do not affect the scope of the caller. Note that the name of the file and not the function name fname used in the declaration is how the function appears in FreeMat. A first attempt at doing so has no effect: However, the second call succeeds, and note that arg1 has now changed.

As variable argument and return functions are covered elsewhere, as are keywords, we include one final example that demonstrates the use of helper functions, or local functions, where multiple function declarations occur in the same file.

FreeMat – FUNCTION Function Declarations

See help varargin and varargout for more details. For functions with a fixed number of input or output parameters, the syntax is somewhat simpler: See help for nargin and nargout for more details.

Examples Here is an example of a trivial function that adds its first argument to twice its second argument: In these cases, the last argument to the parameter list is the special argument varargin.

We can change that by passing the first argument by reference: So, for example, if exampples file is named foo. Similarly, the function can create a cell array named fremeat for variable length output lists.


The function name fname can be any legal FreeMat identifier. To assist in deciphering the exact parameters that were passed, FreeMat also defines two variables inside the function context: Also, FreeMat works like C in that the caller does not have to supply the full list of arguments.

FreeMat, Octave, MatLab, and SciLab Free Tutorials

The flip side of this fact is that functions are harder to debug than scripts without using the keyboard function, because the intermediate calculations used in the function are not available once the function exits.

In some circumstances, it is necessary fgeemat have functions that take a variable number of arguments, or that return a variable number of results. Furthermore the names of these helper functions are determined by their declaration and not by the name of the.

Also, when keywords see help keywords are used, an arbitrary subset of the parameters may be unspecified. The most general syntax for a function declaration is the following: