Full Blooded (Jessica McClain) [Amanda Carlson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the vein of Kelley Armstrong and Patricia Briggs, . It’s not easy being a girl. It’s even harder when you’re the only girl in a family of werewolves. But it’s next to impossible when your very existence spells out the. Jessica McClain series detials and buy links.

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If this book is any indication, Carlson has a bright future. Here Jessica is, dumped in the middle of a mess with werewolves fighting werewolves and people trying to kidnap her, and most of the book focuses on Jessica and Rourke’s tempestuous relationship.

I was thrilled when I received an arc of Full Blooded. All the impulses and instincts that come with being part animal are so much fun, as well. Cold Blooded Jessica McClain. Log In Members Login.

Full Blooded (Jessica McClain, #1) by Amanda Carlson

We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. A lot of other people seemed to enjoy it. Instead, for every fight scene we have a Scooby Doo villain break down of what they are doing and why they are doing it.

I immediately entered the giveaway and was lucky enough to receive a copy. Even though her brother attempts to prot Wow! Jessica frequently talks about events from her time at the ‘compound’, but exactly what the ‘compound’ is, where it is or details about these events are never given.

I’m so glad I said yes!!! Now to cool the mood a little, what do you think of the villains? Caught one night performing these forbidden rites, Mehr is brought to the attention of the Emperor’s most feared mystics, who try to force her into their service by way of an arranged marriage. To ask other readers questions about Full Bloodedplease sign up. Jun 03, Marsha rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.


When was he overbearing?

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Superstition is rampant among the werewolves and most in the Blooedd fear her. No sway to world building or character building, it is all here. Cold Blooded Amanda Carlson. I really want to hear a lot more about him! Gods, Sorcerers and Battlemages must set aside the past and their vendettas to work together or risk unleashing greater suffering than they can possibly imagine The story captivates from Page 1 and the carlso continues throughout.

Full Blooded : Book 1 in the Jessica McClain series

I managed to take a little break after the third book to write this. The Druid Drisker Arc has freed both himself and Paranor from exile. The Blood Oath did not claim me. There was certainly nothing cool about these ones; they were scary and not fun in any way.

To see this review and others like it check out my site, www. Yet another a fun, and fast paced installment that kept me entertained from page one. To shatter the silences that her governed her life, she will do everything she can to lead him home.

A wonderful story with a kick-ass heroine who knows what it is like to be different. An advance force under the command of princess Ajin has already amansa a foothold, but now the full Skaar army is on the march – and woe betide any who stands in its way.

Pure Blooded : Amanda Carlson :

I wouldn’t mind this so much if it wasn’t so inappropriate. While reading Blooded which I recommend you read first, we learn that Jessica’s life is no longer safe at the compound and therefore her father Alpha McCain reluctantly sends her away under a pseudo name to create a new “safer” life living as a human while running her own private investigation firm with her best friend “.


There is ZERO excuse for this as an ending to a book. The priestess can summon the loa, and the spirit inhabits her body. You see, we’ve just been told that Jessica’s father has been with his 2IC for over years, that makes him well over years in age. Then we see him as this awesomely protective guy when it comes to Jessica.

However she lives now under a new identity and nobody knows who she really is. Her newly found mate has been kidnapped by a Goddess hell-bent on revenge, and Jessica is positive she can save him. Unfortunately or fortunately depending upon your point of view, Jessica’s father returns during the challenge. Even though her brother attempts to protect her and her father has forbidden any were to touch her, the attacks are escalating.

There was an amusing side to all of this with Jessica interacting with the wolf car,son her, but just too much for me during this span.

I am very particular This book really grew on me! This is pure gold! For more from David Dalglish, check out: This was a novella!?! Originally posted at http: