Book review of synchronization algorithms and concurrent programming by Gadi Taubenfeld (Pearson/Prentice Hall, ). Process Synchronization – Synchronization primitives and . yes. Synchronization Algorithms and Concurrent Programming, Gadi Taubenfeld © Results 1 – 9 of 9 Synchronization Algorithms and Concurrent Programming by Gadi Taubenfeld and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

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Distributed Computing Pearls May The following article gives a brief overview of the book Shared memory synchronization In: Mutual exclusion using atomic registers: Blocking and non-blocking synchronization 5. The l-exclusion problem 7.

Synchronization Algorithms and Concurrent Programming

Classical synchronization problems 9. Timing-based algorithms Bibliography Index.

Synchronization is a fundamental challenge in computer science. It is fast becoming a algprithms performance and design issue for concurrent programming on modern architectures, and for the design of distributed systems. This is the first text to give a complete and coherent view of all aspects of synchronization algorithms.


Computer science students, programmers, system designers and researchers will be synchronizatiom to solve problems and master techniques that go beyond the treatment provided in introductory texts on operating systems, distributed computing and concurrency.

Dozens of algorithms are presented and their performance is analyzed according to precise complexity measures.

Pearson – Synchronization Algorithms and Concurrent Programming – Gadi Taubenfeld

Self-review questions with solutions to check your understanding. A wealth of end-of-chapter exercises and bibliographic notes. Over annotated references guiding you through the contemporary research literature.

A Companion Website provides PowerPoint slides and other teaching and learning aids for students and instructors at pearsoned. He is an established authority in the area of concurrent and distributed computing and has published widely in leading journals and conferences.

In this section:

Synchronization Algorithms and Concurrent Programming. What’s New New book: Table of Contents Preface Key Features 1. Back Cover Synchronization is a fundamental synchrinization in computer science.