THE GRAIN AND FEED TRADE ASSOCIATION. GAFTA No ARBITRATION RULES Effective for Contracts dated from 1st March 20__. A note on the changes to Gafta Arbitration Rules. The new Arbitration Rules (Rules) came into effect from 1 September and have. The Grain and Feed Trade Association (“Gafta”) recently published a new edition of its Arbitration Rules No. (the “Gafta Arbitration Rules”).

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The changes have been made to address a number of practical concerns raised by Gafta arbitration users since the last version was released in The Appellant then has the right, on zrbitration of Respondent’s statement and documents, to issue a statement in reply.

GB The rules provide for a two-stage arbitration system. This no-nonsense approach will be welcomed by many.

Gafta Arbitration Rules

Where the appeal is against gaftq award of a sole arbitrator 3 copies, or where the appeal is against the award of a tribunal of three arbitrators 5 copies, shall be sent to GAFTA.

Where there is no such agreement between the parties they are nevertheless free to engage legal representatives to represent them in the written proceedings but not to appear on their behalf at oral hearings. Sign up for E-alerts. All but the most unusual disputes will have arisen within that period and the Rules still provide for a discretionary further extension in certain circumstances. Going forward, we will, through the Arbitration Committee in particular, keep the Rules under regular review and any member who has any comments is invited to contact me direct.

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For example, it is the same limit set by the Hague and Hague Visby Rules. Browse the Membership Directory for Gafta Arbitrators. Register now for your free, tailored, daily legal newsfeed service. GAFTA will set down the appeal for hearing having due regard to the above timetable or any other timetable which the board of appeal may decide.

Follow Please login to follow content. Awards on Different Aspects Where the tribunal decides during the course of an arbitration to make an award dealing finally with one or more aspects of the dispute, but which leaves to be decided by the tribunal other aspect s of the dispute, it may make an award which shall be final and binding as to the aspect s with which it deals, subject to any right of appeal pursuant to Rule For the most part the amendments tidy up the Rules.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Rules, upon receipt of the notice as above, GAFTA shall appoint a tribunal of three arbitrators. Download Gafta Arbitrator Directory pdf. GAFTA will notify the parties of the names of the members of the board of appeal.

If the respondent does not agree to the appointment of a sole arbitrator and has instead appointed an arbitrator and given written notice thereof pursuant to Rule 3: Such money shall be held by such bank in an account in the name of GAFTA, or on such terms as the board of appeal may direct.

Any decision made pursuant to this Rule shall be final, conclusive and binding. Landmark UK Supreme Court ruling on default clauses and damages: The costs of engaging legal representatives in such circumstances shall not be recoverable. The changes have been made to address a number of practical concerns which have been raised by Gafta arbitration users. Wherever a claim is renewed any counterclaim is also deemed to be renewed.

Arbitration Committee The aim of the Arbitration Committe is to provide transparency regarding the policies and procedures of all aspects of the arbitration services, including clarifying the relationships, roles and responsibilities between Gafta and Arbitrators.

This power has also been extended to the appeal board Rule Changes to the Rules Some of the most important changes to the Rules of Arbitration are summarised below: The tribunal so appointed shall determine all matters in dispute between the parties.

An award made pursuant to this Rule shall be final and binding and no appeal shall lie to a board of appeal. Gafta also offers an arbitration service for maritime disputes arising under the Gafta Charterparty.

Notice of such application must be served on the party who has failed to appoint. Any such extension must be stated in the award. Such decision shall be final and binding upon the parties subject to any right of appeal to a board of appeal pursuant to Rule If the deposit is not paid within 60 days of being called for, the arbitration shall be deemed to be waived and barred Rule 4. In which event the parties may be represented by one of their employees, or by a GAFTA Qualified Arbitrator or other representative, but they may not be represented by a solicitor or barrister, or other legally qualified advocate, wholly or principally engaged in private practice, unless legal representation is expressly agreed.


Gafta – Draft Changes Version No part of the deposit shall be returned following receipt of notice of withdrawal at any later date.

Gafta 125 Arbitration Rules

In respect of claims arising out of certificates of analysis in respect of which allowances are not fixed by the terms of the contract, not later than the 21st consecutive day after the date on which the claimant receives the final certificate of analysis. In the case of a sole arbitrator 2 sets, or in the case of a tribunal of three arbitrators, 4 sets of statements and evidence, shall be delivered to Ruoes.

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Any award made in such proceedings shall, subject only to any right of appeal pursuant to Rule 10, be binding on all the arbktration in the string and may be enforced by an intermediate party against his immediate contracting party as though a separate award had been made pursuant to each contract. Irrespective of the time limits in ab and c above, in the event of non-payment of amounts payable, not later than 60 consecutive days from the notice that a dispute has arisen as provided for in the Payment Clause of the contract.

In the event that the tribunal determines that it has jurisdiction, no appeal shall lie to a board of appeal.

If either party fails to appoint an arbitrator or to give rulws thereof within the above time limits, the other party may apply to GAFTA for the appointment of an arbitrator. Mediation can be used at any time and is a useful way to assist parties in negotiating solutions whilst at the same time preserving trade relationships. Gafta Qualified Arbitrator Status.

Arbitration Gafta’s arbitration arbifration provides parties who ruoes our standard forms of contract with a system to resolve trade disputes in a fast and efficient manner. Many of these changes will be welcomed by the industry as they clarify and adapt some of the practical aspects of Gafta arbitration procedure.

The aim of the change is to attempt to ensure that the time limits contained in Rule 2.