The Psychoanalysis of Fire has ratings and 27 reviews. Modern Hermeneut said: With this book, Bachelard cements his reputation as an intellectual cha. PSYCHOANALYSIS OF FIRE, THE The Psychoanalysis of Fire was published by Gaston Bachelard in , before Water and Dreams: An Essay on the. The Psychoanalysis Of Fire by Gaston Bachelard, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Thus the natural phenomenon is rapidly mixed in with complex and confused items of social experience which leave little room for the acquiring of an unprejudiced knowl- edge.

The Psychoanalysis Of Fire

See and discover other items: Psychoanalytically speaking, cleanliness is really a form of uncleanliness. Jung caress cause Chapter Chatelet chemistry combustion concentrated contradiction death dialectic digestion dream earth Edgar Allan Poe bachhelard elementary Fire elements Empedocles complex example fact feminine festival flame Frazer funeral pyre gentle give heart heat hidden Hoffmann complex human body igneous imagination impure inner intuition Le Docteur Pascal light Marquise du Chatelet Max Muller metaphor moreover myth natural Northrop Frye Novalis complex objective knowledge Oedipus complex original PAUL ELUARD perhaps phenomena phenomenon poet poetic poetry precise prescientific mind primitive principle problem Prometheus complex proof psycho psychoanalysis of objective psychological punch pure purity reality reverie Robinet rubbing scientific mind sexual shining spark spirits spontaneous combustion stomach sublimation substance substantialist sulphur symbol theory things thought tion uncon unconscious unconscious mind volcano wood.

They are mutually induced and continue through self-induction. Thus the mark of changeable man is placed upon things. Let us then take a look at the alchemist at work beside his furnace in his underground workshop.

The Psychoanalysis of Fire: Gaston Bachelard: : Books

The reverie works in a star pattern. This essay was part of an effort that reconnected research on pre-Socratic philosophy with the question of the fundamental constituents of the world, the “elements. Gaston Bachelard is somewhat of an anomaly; in the great schism of modern philosophy early in the twentieth century, the Austro- Anglo-American tradition took as its “portion” logic, language, and philosophy of science, while the Continental tradition largely took social philosophy and metaphysics, but Bachelard was a philosopher of science within the Continental tradition, almost the only one.


And so the ancient ideas continue down through the ages; they keep recurring, even in more or less learned reveries, with all their charge of original naivete. Psychology occupies another angle of perception, and Bachelard has begun to isolate still another, a basis for a systematic development of the critical study of the arts. On the other hand, if a rational and objective explanation is really quite unsatisfactory in accounting for a discovery made by a primitive mind, a psychoanalytical explanation, however overbold it may seem, must in the end be the true psychological explanation.

For a long time it was believed that to resolve the enigma of fire was to resolve the central enigma of the Universe. The reflex which makes us pull back our finger from the flame of a candle does not play any con- scious role in our knowledge about fire. It will be by specific argu- ments that we shall make clear our general theses.

It is the indication of a specific affective power.

The Psychoanalysis of Fire by Gaston Bachelard

The fire confined to the fireplace fre no doubt for man the first object of reverie, the symbol of repose, the invitation to repose. As a matter of fact, we shall demonstrate that our intuitions of fire — more perhaps than of any other phe- nomenon — are heavily charged with fallacies from the past.

Only this complex enables us to under- stand the interest that is always aroused by the rather trite legend of the father of Fire. To do this the alchemist and the poet reduce and restrain the burning action of the light.

The sruff is capricious; therefore fire is a person.

Alchemy does not receive the influence of the feminine reverie directly. A healthy abstraction has led us to neglect them. There is in the feminine sex a sexual part.

No progress is possible in frie acquisition of objective knowl- edge without this self-critical irony. Naturally the various fires must bear the indelible mark of their own individuality: But let us look more closely at how these facts lead us to profound and obscure values.


Toulet But although this book is easy to write when we go about it line upon line, it seems to be quite impossible to give it a well-organized structure. Now that we have given an illustration of an erroneous in- terpretation of the animistic and sexualized intuition of fire, we shall doubtless have a better understanding of the futility of those assertions that are constantly being repeated as eternal truths: Oct 24, Brandon rated it really liked it Shelves: To set fire to the stick by sliding it up and down in the groove in the piece of dry wood takes time and patience.

No objective impression acquired by gastn the nests in a row of bushes could ever have supplied the wealth of adjectives which confer such a value upon the coziness, the sweetness, and the warmth of the nest. The psychoanalysis of fire Gaston Bachelard Snippet view – But the objective reasons that are mvoked to explain how men are supposed to have been led to imagine this procedure are very weak.

How does one rectify the gaaton fires of hell and the consuming purification of the Holy Spirit? But, because we chose it in the first place, the object reveals more about us than we do about it.


There is only one thing that he claims he does not know how to do, that is to light the stove. Every impression of com- 48 fort comes from a cordial. The Psychoanalysis Of Fire.

Mar 09, Tami Lynn Andrew rated it it was ok Shelves: