New Gens Ace iMars Slim Battery Charger Review (9 min 18 sec) . I have the Gens Ace iMars Charger Manual in PDF file form. The file size is. The Gens Ace iMars II portable charger is a thing of beauty. It is designed to charge and discharge NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe, and Pb batteries in the most efficient. We at Gens ace have experience and R&D resources to realize any of our clients’ demands concerning OEM/ODM services. Gens ace is an innovative and.

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Jun 06, Well-trained and experienced staffs are able to answer all your enquires in fluent English. Follow us on Twitter. Shenzhen Lark Digital Co. Imxrs 18, Welcome to contact us for more information. Shenzhen Gold Sea Electronic Co. The iMars is equipped with an integrated balancer and an XH type balancing harness for 2 cell up to 6 cell batteries.

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how to use gens ace imars charger manual

It has pins, you don’t have to carry a balance board. The design is based on Gens ACE’s world championship winning battery technology. Originally Posted by grimbeaver If it had a straight up row of pins for the balance instead of a connector it would be the perfect pocket charger.


Feb 13, Fully adjustable charge capacity limit, per call end voltage and low voltage cutoff settings for all chemistries to maximize safety, charge and discharge performance.

Originally Posted by grimbeaver I was commenting on the charger in the first post, not the one you are talking about. A glycol mixture can be used to allow use through all seasons without freezing problems. Gens Ace 5K 3s 30C – when will these be back in stock?

The Charger has a built in intelligent charge mode with features such as CC, CV, delta peak detect, restore, cycle, etc. I have 3 different 12v AC adapters.

Welcome to Gens ace | Gens ace

Learn from our Tutorials. Shenzhen Liufang Electronic Co. Electric Ride on Cars. The included balance connector adapter boards allow the built-in balancers to be used with S Gens ACE compatible balance connectors as well as the JST-XH balance connectors found on many other brand batteries. Since the system is Here’s some pics of the display. It’s an ok charger. Convenient to use,easy using ,8KW power supply,professional factory Mar 04, No harm to human body.

We have various types It is a very portable and sleek looking charger. CC, CV, Floating stage2. Shenzhen Yingyuan Electronics Co. You must not use our charger to charge other products. Here are some key features: Might as well stick to my accucell6.


Please be sure your email client can download that acr file. Originally Posted by TheWoodCrafter. Originally Posted by Speeddaddy. Easy to use Car Tire Inflation Pump 2. It also has the ability to detect internal resistance of a battery and review charging or discharging data. Order by calling Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Welcome to Gens ace

Automatic should be used where batteries are left on charger for long periods particularly. The charger has 12 user memory profiles so that different settings for different battery packs can be stored for convenient fast charging.

Jun 05, Promise to use 10 years on average. I use a Paraboard with it so I can charge up to 4 small lipos at once. The iMars also features a special storage charge function to partially recharge your batteries prior to storage, which increases the batteries life span.

Transparent tube with transparent glue. Jan 26, Works in all cars, easy to use 3. Having to carry the balance board with though kind of kills it for me.

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