Plant database entry for Hardy Geranium (Geranium sessiliflorum ‘Nigricans’) with 2 images and 24 data details. Description and images of Geranium sessiliflorum (Core-core de flores cortas), a native Chilean plant, provided by the supplier of native exotic Chilean seeds. Ever so useful this rare black-leaved Geranium stays compact & tidy year around so its ideal for adding color contrast to mixed containers it wont take over.

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Tiny white flowers, seeds true. Plant life Request a course Module 2: Customers who viewed this item also viewed The National Vegetation Survey NVS Databank is a physical archive and electronic databank containing records of over 94, vegetation survey plots – including data from over 19, permanent plots.

Geranium sessiliflorum ‘Nigricans’ | Dwarf Black Cranesbill| plant lust

When will I receive my order? Once you receive your dispatch email click on the tracking number link and you will be redirected to our couriers APC. Easily grown from seed. Leaves orbicular, closely lobed, divided at base, unusually appressed to the ground, petioles and peduncles tinged with purple, blade pale glaucous grey.

Very low rosettes of small soft brown round leaves, highlighted by the occasional bright orange leaf. It does, however, appear to be distinct from the other variants now included in G. Plants with tall flowering stems and lots of foliage may lose a great deal of water in transit and cutting back helps reduce this stress.


Be the first to write a review. A poorly known taxon whose exact status requires further clarification. Enter your tracking number and postcode there and you will be able to track the progess of your parcel s. Can I order something that you don’t sell?

Geranium sessiliflorum subsp. novae-zelandiae ‘Nigricans’

Flora Search – Flora details. Alyssum montanum Mountain madwort. Sessiliforum than absorb the cost of postage within our plant price we prefer to charge a realistic postage and packing charge.

Taxonomic notes Allan treats G. Mainly found in sand country – usually in dune swales or on shallowly sloping beaches.

However, may yet qualify for a listing of Naturally Uncommon as it is never that common at any particular location and yet occupies a large range. Alchemilla erythropoda Dwarf lady’s mantle. Attribution Fact Sheet prepared by P. This was because many plants would dormant during this time of the year and foliage would either be reduced or absent, making them easier to post. Sometimes on or near rock gerainum or within peaty soils near seepages or within coastal turfs.

There are currently no questions for this product. We are pleased to be able to deliver our plants throughout the UK and Ireland.


Cranesbill, Hardy Geranium ‘Nigricans’

Where To Buy Not commercially available. Every Week Fortnight Month. Acaena saccaticupula ‘Blue Haze’ New Zealand bur.

Some plants may be supplied ‘bare root’ and will be of comparable size to pot grown plants. Taxonomic revision of Geranium sections Andina and Chilensia Geraniaceae. References and further reading Aedo, C. Does well in full sun in a free draining substrate. Your order will then be dealt with as quickly as possible by our experienced mail order team. Now mail order runs all year round and thus requires us to maybe cut back some of your plants, particularly from April to October.

We stock over varieties of plant and not all of them make it onto our website. Phylogenetic relationships of Geranium species indigenous to New Zealand. Traditionally the mail order plant season has run from October to March. An excellent pot plant. Where do you deliver? We use a special fragile overnight delivery service to ensure that your plants spend the minimum amount of time in transit.

Why has my plant been cut back?