Gersony also identified RPF leaders responsible for the killings. The classified U.N. “Gersony Report” has never been released. Sections of the ‘Gersony Report’ . In , as the UNHCR and the U.S. Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to come back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale. Gersony Report” is the name given to the unpublished findings made by a team under American Robert Gersony under contract to the.

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Those taken away did not return. We were a fine tree, its parts all in accord, children of Rwanda. Contrary to early working assumptions, Rwandan refugees interviewed in Zaire did not refer to calls by Erport Mille Collines for their departure from Rwanda as determining factors in their decisions to flee.

They brought no women. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But after they wrote the new authorities with suggestions on how to win public trust, five of those who had signed the letter were taken to the communal office by soldiers and never returned home. Many asked that the United Nations intercede with the current Government of Rwanda and particularly with the RPA to cease the killing so that they could return home promptly.

A foreign doctor working in Byumba reported two people killed and two wounded by RPF soldiers in mid-May and stated that others, repkrt women, had come to the rfport for treatment for wounds they said had been inflicted by the RPF troops. The interviewees characterized the events as isolated incidents. Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to come back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale massacres emanated out of the countryside.

Archbishop Vincent Nsengiyumva was known for his closeness to Habyarimana, but not all in the group held such a position.

The Gersony Report: It’s Findings and more.

Over the course of their work, the team conducted more than two hundred individual interviews and conducted another one hundred small group discussions. During the last days of April or the first days of May, a foreigner reportedly witnessed the execution of persons in Gahini after they had been interrogated by soldiers. At one point, the protesters met with Sendashonga and RPF chairman Kanyarengwe tovoice their fear and anger. By that time, the people in many cases no longer responded to calls to attend RPA meetings and fled their homes when Reporh soldiers approached.


Eventually some 35, persons would be housed in Byumba while anotherwould be at Rutare. In training sessions during and earlyinstructors presented extensive lessons on Rwandan rdport which stressed the destructive impact of colonialism on relations among Rwandans. According to one witness, Kagame personally inquired about this case when the DMI seized Seburikoko at the end of April or beginning of May. He was said to have protected more than fifty people, Tutsi and Hutu, at his home in Kacyiru during the genocide.

Gunfire is reportedly used in large-scale massacres and attacks. According to several informants, Kagame himself was told about the killings of civilians in Byumba and did not intervene to stop them.

As the RPF began more intensive organization within Rwanda init continued to insist on the importance of attracting Hutu to its ranks. The commanding officer, who would not give his gesrony, directed the two women to get in his vehicle. Large-scale indiscriminate killings of men, women, children, including the sick and the elderly, were consistently reported.

I saw the the RPF soldiers bringing bodies in trucks at night and throwing them in toilets at Mwogo, near where they had dug their trenches. As RPF troops advanced, militia fought against them in a number of locations. Both arrests and physical abuse of local residents were credibly reported in some areas of Gesrony prefecture to which refugees had returned from Zaire and in some sectors from which the population had never fled.

The report concluded that “the great majority of these killings had apparently not been motivated by any suspicion whatsoever ggersony personal participation by victims in the massacres of Tutsi in April The same thing happened the next day and the day after. According to the witness, the bodies were burned and what remained was buried. Because she was a Tutsi and the niece of a Gersohy officer, she was able to prevent the execution of her husband.

Unearthed: “Gersony Report” the U.N. said it never existed. – The Proxy Lake

Soldiers sometimes arranged for survivors to denounce supposed killers among the crowds grouped at camps for displaced persons. But hundreds gsrsony thousands of others remained and the RPF was apparently not fully prepared to begin administering such large numbers.


Gersony was instructed never to talk about it publicly. Both Bigabiro and his subordinate, Cpl. In response to the above actions, significant segments of the peculation flee into hiding in swamps, bush areas, banana plantations and other areas of difficult access to RPA soldiers.

Unearthed: “Gersony Report” the U.N. said it never existed.

He questioned them, including about the identities of persons whom they gdrsony talked with, and then escorted them from the area. Certainly some soldiers killed out of personal grief and rage, but the RPFhas not provided any evidence to establish that revenge was the motive in a substantial number of cases.

They put people in the room with me, then took them out and they did not return. Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to come back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale massacres emanated out of the countryside.

Given the current state of our information, it is impossible to say how many of those were active participants in the genocide gersoby were engaged in any military action against the RPF when they were killed. Josias Mwongereza, a prosperous merchant from Kigali, spent the months of April to June at Gasharu, in his home commune repodt Murama in Gitarama prefecture.

As the team traveled extensively within Rwanda through some areas close to the borders with Burundi and Tanzania, no Hersony military personnel or checkpoints reported or alerted me team to security danger in these areas which it might encounter, or made reference to the fact or possibility of armed conflict between the RPA and former Government soldiers or militia conducting incursions into these areas.

It also insisted that the force rreport smaller than that the 5, troops set by the Security Council resolution of May RPF authorities insisted that both personal acts of vengeance and more general killing of those thought to have committed genocide were prohibited.