Home of the Open Source Delphi&C++Builder OpenGL tool. GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library. . folder; Tortoise SVN: add the folder ” glscene” manually so you have lazarus/components/glscene. In GLScene the universe or 3D world is called a scene. We will learn how to start a basic GLScene application and how to control .. Tecplot User’s Manual.

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At positions [-6,0,10] and [6,0,10], 10 units high. We can have maximum number of eight lights. Matrix is a two dimensional array of 4 x 4 singles. Normal is a vector that tells us which side if front and which side is back.

glscene / FAQ Install

Or King-Kong on top of two skyscrapers can throw the blocks down. Especially if many objects share the same texture. The grid contains individual frames for the animation. If you have any reasonable question, go ahead and ask at GLScene forum. You will have to scroll to the right in order to see them or rearrange the tabs. Slide -1 ; inpMoveR: The game can take place in a canyon with bridge above. Emission color makes the object glow.


This effect stretches from one point to another. Not enough computing power remains for cadencer progress. One central TGLCube will be added to every block again at position [0,0,0].

Double click on it in object inspector. Passing cars or trains would drop blocks. New window pops up.

It is important to understand the difference between global and local coordinate system. Choose this method if you want to have the latest version of GLScene and check frequently for changes and updates.

Although each object can have its own material it is strongly advised to store the materials you use in material library. This adds more realism in your scene. glsene

OpenGL is a standard and it should be installed on almost any PC nowadays. First of all you should keep in mind that everything in GLScene has a strict hierarchy. Count — Not shown in object inspector. It points in Direction vector. There are a few ways to install GLScene. Especially when msnual source code is being developed constantly and is changing all the time.

A new material is added to glcene material library with Texture. Coordinate system A three dimensional world is described with three axes: Common object properties 8. At beginning block will be active descendingonce it will land on ground or other blocks we will set Active to false.


Ranges property specifies which regions of the bitmap correspond to which letter. The animated sequence is stored in single bitmap. You can also display each object’s effects kanual behaviors here.

Snapshot is available from www. But what happens if we add ? At the beginning there will be only Scene root that contains Cameras and Scene objects. Some formats support using of multiple textures for one object. Up vector is always perpendicular to Direction vector and is also normalized.

The playing field will be 11 units wide on X axis and 21 units high on Z axis.

Making Games with GLScene in Lazarus on Windows

All other maunal you create will be arranged under scene objects. But vector generally is an array of three singles [X,Y,Z]. Once you have all GLScene files on your hard drive you can compile the packages in Delphi. Other material qualities like reflection and shininess can be achieved more realistically with material shaders.

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