Find answers to frequently asked questions about GMN spindles and spindle. Highest precision at high speeds: Milling spindles from GMN. We offer. High-speed spindles with an integrated motor. GMN high-speed spindles for.

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Spindle bearings – GMN

GMN also offers compact and high-performance spindles for special applications which are designed for use in 5-axis milling heads such as the HCS series. Your GMN spindles are designed for daily, rough operation and a long lifetime. Advantages Longer service life Hybrid bearings achieve more than twice spinde life of steel bearings due to their characteristic material properties.

At any time on our hotline: Speed sensor for actual speed monitoring:: We look forward to hearing from you. In five steps — receiving inspection, disassembly, cost estimate, repair authorization and function check — our experienced, competent employees offer expert advice, a comprehensive analysis of all components, clear documentation of all work steps and, of course, expert correction of all irregularities so that your spindle works like new again as quickly as possible.

In planning machine systems and selecting the right spindles, GMN supports its customers with professional know how and broad experience.

In addition to a comprehensive range of standard spindle types, GMN also will design and develop special spindles to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Cylindrical housing with flange. Due to cooperation with technical universities and research institutes over the years, GMN is constantly optimizing spindlf technology using the latest research data.

FAQ Spindles You can find answers about the most frequently-asked questions spundle spindle equipment below. What should one consider when selecting a standard spindle?

HVXs spindles with low motor power

GMN Spindle Service With more than ten GMN authorized GMN service centers throughout the world, we offer our customers over 80 years of experience in the development and production of machine spindles. Comprehensive, Transparent, On Schedule: GMN only produces rolled steel spindles.


More cost-effective lubrication The maximum speed for grease and oil lubrication is increased. A synchro nous motor Tool interface: Grease and oil-air-lubrication are best adapted to respective applications.

GMN USA / Products / Supplier of GMN spindle technology

In the rare event of a spindle malfunction, or an issue with less than expected performance, GMN offers comprehensive examination procedures which provide root cause and solutions to remedy the situation. These provide reliable operational security, quiet running and long lives.

On request, GMN supports commissioning of spindles and spindle systems with its highly trained professionals. All-round high-speed spindle with permanent grease lubricated bearing for universal grinding, milling and drilling applications.

GMN manufactures abrasive mandrels with high roundness and flatness precision for all provided GMN abrasive mandrel holders. Higher machining accuracy Higher bearing stiffness, reduced thermal expansion and lower vibration excitation allow maximum machining accuracy. The design of the bearing is extremely important for sometimes extremely high loads when machining titanium and other materials which are difficult to process.

Workplace design, tools, control measures, lubrication, installation.

Coolant through the shaft. Spindle diameter as large as possible, length as short as necessary Make the tool and the tool interface as large and strong as possible and as short as necessary Always select the most economical speed peripheral speed tool All outstanding questions can be clarified together with our field service and representatives. Water cooling of motor as well as front bearings:: As a rule, GMN hybrid ball bearings are used.

Repair Comprehensive, Transparent, On Schedule: How is the rotational direction of the spindles defined? What ball bearings are used? With the improvements of power, load carrying capacity and stiffness in the HV-X designs, the working range of single spindle is extended over the previous models. We can react quickly and flexibly to your personal needs thanks to years of experience and our outstanding, well-trained professionals. The use of the highest-quality components is the basis for outstanding performance as well as long duration for GMN products.


Maximum load capabilities, extreme precision and permanent high availability are essential when manufacturing automobile components, in machine tool and die construction as well as at high-performance aluminum machining.

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Why does my spindle need a serial number? The use of hybrid bearings is standard in all the models. Should you have questions which were not answered here, please come to us with your questions. GMN milling spindles are used in areas such as automobile manufacturing, molds epindle aeronautics, and provide maximum machining performance as well as precision. In case of possible technical improvements in the course of the further development of our products, we can ensure that these are taken into account when servicing your spindle.

GMN’s reliability is derived from over this experience in design, use and manufacture of precision rotating mechanisms. Interfaces, tool selection, grinding mandrels Retrofitting of competitive products Special solutions Cooling units, lubrication units. How are motor spindles cooled?

Can I supply several spindles with one lubrication unit? The nameplate contains the electrical operating data for the spindle see figure. Aviation It is important to master operating parameters within the limits of technical possibilities in high-performance aluminum machining.