Good Night, Mr. Tom is a children’s book published in , written by English actress, dancer, and writer Michelle Magorian. Magorian had a. A beautiful hardback edition of Michelle Magorian’s bestselling novel Goodnight Mister Tom. This edition has a stunning Puffin ‘cloth’ Classics cover design and. The colours of Goodnight Mr Tom. Michelle Magorian reflects on the inspiration behind her classic children’s novels, Goodnight Mr Tom and Back Home.

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Goodnight Mister Tom – Wikipedia

While they first seem utterly unsuited to michelel other, each turns out to be exactly right for the other. Willie lives with him as his Mother wants him to live with someone who is either religious or lives next to a church. It was easily one of the worst novels I have ever read.

Tom comes out of his self-imposed “hermithood” to participate in the community again, and Willie discovers his own talents while magroian healthy and robust.

They both blossom as they learn to love and encourage each other. I still laughed seriously, Zach and I need to be best friends and I still got teary at certain parts and I still got a warm feeling in my tummy at that epilogue.

They strike up an unlikely friendship, and it becomes clear to Mister Tom after a while that Willie is hiding something from him.


Tom was just a prick. After a bad reunion, where his mother becomes furious upon learning the details of her son’s life with Tom, abhorring his association with the Jewish Zach among other things, she hits William and puts him in the under-stairs cupboard, chains him to the piping.

When he discovered his mother killed herself, all he can think is why someone would kill themselves. In the characters’ prose you become lost and entangled in the raw emotion of this story. He expects to be beaten for everything he gets wrong.

Goodnight Mister Tom

When rescued, he was emotionally traumatised in hospital, so far believable. It does the book justice.

Unrealistic, considering the immense abuse he suffered. View all 4 comments. Willie is rescued by stupid Tom with his stupid fecking dog. In the months following, Misterr grows closer to Carrie, one of his friends. To ask other readers questions about Good Night, Mr. I liked the mother, but only because she was the villain.

Good Night, Mr. Tom

I feel that the author succeeds in making the characters come to life in the book. A must read for everyone. Jul 19, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Tom for his ninth birthday. And once he turned black, we were constantly reminded of how black he was, something which did not happen when he was white. However, this is an emotion filled story of rebirth or rejuvenation – the power of love to heal and reconcile. It is top notch writing and the imagery really stays with you.


British children’s author Michelle Magorian – author of the celebrated Goodnight, Mr. I’m not going to spoil the story by giving too much away. Aside from the personal story, the book raised a lot of questions for me I thought by the title and the cover that this would be a simple little tale, but it was actually very harrowing! Bringing that dog in could traumatize them.

Willie is a young boy who’s been abused by his mother all his life, so when he’s evacuated to the countryside he’s a quivering nervous wreck. Tom and William say good-bye at the train.

Willie must return to his mother in London. William is hospitalised, but whilst there suffers horrific nightmares and is drugged simply to prevent his screams from disturbing other children. The last scene was so cheesy I wanted to vomit. William is much to small for his age, frightened of everything and covered in black and blue bruises.

He quietly sobs for Tom, before he falls asleep. I have read Good Night, Mr.