5 Plutarch almost found preserved the Great Rhētra in Aristotle’s lost work, The suggested that the Great Rhētra predates Tyrtaeus and the latter was. Spartan Society The Great Rhetra The Great Rhetra Reforms introduced by Lycurgus were in the form of a Rhetra (a pronouncement reflecting the. Im currently writing my notes for Sparta, and i keep always come across the ‘The Great Rhetra’ but none of the books or my notes seem to.

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Also important, according to Plutarch, was the redistribution of the land. Labotas on the other hand began his reign inimplying an early 9th century date of the rhetra. The Role of the Individual in Ephoros’ Histories. Views Read Edit View history.

The associated kings offer a rough date greta the genesis of the Great Rhetra. What did Lycurgus achieve? Sparta, CUP, London, These oracles they from Apollo heard, And brought from Pytho home the perfect word; The heaven-appointed kings, who love the land, Shall foremost in the nation’s council stand; The elders next to them; the commons last; Let a straight Rhetra among all be passed.

It was therefore presumed to have been oral. This good order gave Sparta its relative stability and earned the admiration of many Greek writers, including Herodotus and Xenophon.

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He visited the oracle of Apollo which gave the Great Rhetra. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here However, keep in mind that it was a gradual process, and that Sparta didn’t become a militaristic state ‘overnight,’ due to the Great Rhetra.

The Spartans and Women in Ancient Greece. Use this guide to help you through the text. The Two Kings – taken from the Agiad and Eurypontid families.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Results 1 to 12 of Each one ensured the other remained loyal.

Sway in the Boule and divine honors belong to the Kings Under whose care has been set Sparta’s city of charm; Second to them are the Gerontes, and then come the men of the people duly confirming the straight rhetrai. Speaking of Lycurgus, Plutarch was known to have not known whether he was “god or a man,” – Tyrtaeus didn’t even mention him in any of his work.

Religious Roles of the Kings: The classical authors and the literate population of Sparta knew better than to suppose that the rhetra went into effect as written by an oracle and remained unchanged.

For it was not by imitating other states, but by devising a system utterly different from that of most others, that he made his country pre-eminently prosperous. This site uses cookies. By these changes they became a well ordered state, and they dedicated a temple to Lycurgus when he died and revere him greatly. A Rhetra is a declaration reflecting the oral tradition of the Spartans and their laws, based on oracles. A system of checks and balances The system of government elements of monarchy, oligarchy and democracy, with no one group taking precedence at least in theory over the other.

It survived long after the demise of the oracle but is missing now, except for fragments handed down by classical rhdtra. The Great Hreat provided Lycurgus with the information needed to form this graet system of government.

Later, however, when the Demos, by additions and subtractions perverted and distorted the sense of motions laid before them, the Kings Polydoros and Theopompos inserted the following clause in the Rhetra: Powers of the kings were limited, especially by the ephors. The kings claimed descent from Heracles useful grea. English, Legal Studies, Economics.


Lycurgus – the Great Rhetra

But, says Herodotus, the Lacedaemonians tell a different rheetra. And this is the way it runs: Tyrtaeus a 7 th century poet of Sparta says the two kings of Sparta consulted the Delphic Oracle and brought back the Great Rhetra. The Lycurgan reforms The Rhetra the Law Modern scholarship casts doubt on rhegra fact that the system came into gerat at a single point in time.

Issue of Delphic Oracle — When did it become so influential that its utterances became law? Retrieved from ” https: Zeus on his throne with his eagle This article is part of the series: There is also the question of Delphic Oracle- when did it become so influential that its utterances became law? HSC is the devil’s work.

Great Rhetra – Wikipedia

If Lycurgus presented it, then it means that it had greqt be preserved orally for a number of centuries because writing was not widely practised.

Ogden, ” Crooked speech: Originally Posted by waxtrel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Much more help than those books that seem to tell me zilch about the most important things This page was last edited on 17 Julyat Plutarch mentioned that Lycurgus heard of the oracle by the Delphi. Milesian and Other Presocratic Philosophers. Even more recent research has cast doubt on the existence of Lycurgus at all! Living in a fertile country and with a numerous population of men, they immediately shot up and flourished.

The apella lacked formal training and possessed little real power. This rheetra is about the constitution of ancient Sparta.