World(int worldWidth, int worldHeight, int cellSize, boolean bounded). The act method is called by the greenfoot framework to give actors a chance to. Get all the objects in the world, or all the objects of a particular class.

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True if the actor is at or beyond the edge cell of the world, and false otherwise.

This method is called by the Greenfoot system when this actor has been inserted into the world. An object at the given location, or null if none found. Actor The act method is called by the greenfoot framework to give actors a chance to perform some action.

IllegalArgumentException – If the image can not be loaded.

All Classes (Greenfoot API)

Return the world that this actor lives in, provided that it is an instance of the grrenfoot “worldClass” class i. Set a background image for the world. If the sound is currently looping, it will finish the current loop and stop.

Stop playing this sound if it is currently playing.

Return the color at the centre of the cell. All Actor are associated with a World and can get access to the world object.

grenfoot The UserInfo class can be used to store data permanently on a grrenfoot, and to share this data between different users, when the scenario runs on the Greenfoot web site. Move this actor the specified distance in the direction it is currently facing.

Most files of the following formats are supported: This method is called when the ‘Act’ or ‘Run’ buttons are activated in the Greenfoot interface. Objects of a class not explicitly specified inherit the act order from their superclass.


A pattern showing the cells can easily be shown by setting a background image with a size equal to the cell size.

True if the mouse has been pressed changed from a non-pressed state to being pressed on the given object.

The size of cells can be specified at world creation time, and is constant after creation. See the how-to board for guides on commonly asked questions about how to accomplish various things in a Greenfoot scenario. List of objects at the given offset.


The world, or null if this actor is not in a world. Zero degrees is to the east right-hand side of the worldand the angle increases clockwise. An object of the given class type that intersects with the current object.

Return all objects within range ‘radius’ around this object. Every Actor has a location in the world, and an greenfoott that is: Set the act order of objects in the world. If the sound is played again later, it will start playing from the beginning. At each action step in the environment, each object’s act method is invoked, in unspecified order. This default implementation is empty.

The image greenfoott be used to draw onto the world’s background.

Actor (Greenfoot API)

An Actor is not normally instantiated, but instead used as a superclass to more specific objects in apl world. Objects of classes listed first in the parameter list will appear on top of all objects of classes listed later.

The rotation in degrees. IllegalStateException Return the x-coordinate of the actor’s current location. This method can be overridden to implement custom behaviour when the actor is inserted into the world. CS Unplugged with Greenfoot. This constructor allows the option of creating an unbounded world, which actors can move outside the boundaries of.


The second edition of the book is out now. Make sure that this is really the method you want.

Return one object that is located at the specified cell relative to this objects location. The y-coordinate of the actor’s current location Throws: German translations are available for some videos thanks to Frajo Ligmann. If more than one object of the specified class resides at that location, one of them will be chosen and returned. Return the neighbours to this object within a given distance. Return one object that is located at the specified cell relative to this objects location.

Package greenfoot

This site requires JavaScript, please enable it in your browser! Play this sound repeatedly in a loop.

If the sound is currently paused, it will resume playback from the point where it was paused. Please visit the book’s web page for more information about this new edition.

The act method is called by the greenfoot framework at each action step in the environment. Rotation is expressed as a degree value, range A wide range of other short videos are also available. String toString Returns a string representation of this sound containing the name greenroot the file and whether it is currently playing or not.

Objects of classes listed first in the parameter list will act before any objects of classes listed later.