Technical Spares. User Manual, GSI Product Code: Other Product Code: Manufacturer: Grason Stadler. Instruction Manual, GSI Direct calibration for TDH headset and bone vibrator. THE COMPLETE CLINICAL AUDIOMETER. AND MORE. The GSI 61 comes with everything you’ll need to. 2 GSI 61 NEW STANDARD IN CLINICAL AUDIOMETRY The GSI 61 is the versatile, making hearing aid evaluation easier than ever Direct calibration for TDH.

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Determine if masking should be used. Thank you for choosing the Jitterbug. Connect the optional speaker cable to the connector marked Speaker on the rear of the GSI The GSI 61 is the two-channel clinical audiometer from the most respected name in the audiological industry: For live voice testing and communications External A and External B: It features both status and audiogram screen layouts for data presentation.

This insert may be used with tone Hz to Hzspeech and noise signals. B40 Patient Monitor Connecting intelligence and care. These values are from ANSI 3. Grason-Stadler, Nicolet and Toennies have provided innovative technologies for diagnostic audiology, neurodiagnostic, peripheral vascular and hand-held Doppler equipment.

Present 1 dB increments at increasingly higher sensation levels to both ears. If within one year after mannual shipment, it is found not to meet this standard, it will be repaired, or at our option, replaced at no charge except for transportation costs, when returned to an authorized Grason-Stadler facility. Allow a minimum of 2 inches of clearance around the GSI 61 for heat dissipation. The SISI test may be run at step sizes of 1. The second syllable of the second spondee is then presented to the left ear alone.


Record the level at which the patient judges both of the signals to be of equal loudness.

GSI 61 – Grason-Stadler – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

A lapel clip and a 10 foot coiled cord with a quick disconnect are included. Select the High Frequency audiogram display format by pressing the High Freq pushbutton on the front panel.

The dB HL will go to the nearest allowable level. Insert phones are ideal for audiometeer aid evaluations where they can used to accurately simulate situations for speech testing of hearing aided patients. Two audiograms with the standard range of frequencies Hz to 12, Hzor the High Frequency ranges 8 kHz to 20 kHzand the instrument status are displayed.

GSI 61 Clinical Audiometer – Demka Sakti

The maximum HL for white noise selected with a tone signal is 35 dB below the maximum pure tone level. While Talk Forward is on, the only control which can be activated is the Print, if available.

Biological Calibration Check This fraying can decrease or increase the signal level or an intermittent signal as the cord is flexed. These values were obtained with 30 to 35 dB effective masking by air conduction to the non-test ear. Audiometwr a speech threshold SRT2 as in Step 1. Keeping the intensity fixed in the reference ear, vary the intensity level of the tone presented to the test ear.

Grason-Stadler GSI 61 Manual Rev B

It doesn t matter where your busy schedule takes you; with Olympus Audio Systems professional recording has never been easier. GrasonStadler is an ISO certified corporation. Each press of the left L pushbutton selects the next lower frequency.


Position the speakers three feet one meter from the patient. A number of PCL print languages are considered to be supersets of PCL3 and should be compatible if implemented strictly to the specification. The patient is instructed to respond each time he is certain that the jump is heard. Just add the printer option and attach an HP color Deskjet printer, then press the print button it s that easy!

A three head tape recorder with the appropriate delay capabilities is required. Set the HL to a comfortably audible level.

Experience a new world of interaction. All parameter or functional defaults and restrictions will still apply. Connect the optional speaker cable to the connector marked Speaker on the rear of the GSI This narrow band masking allows for a noise intensity signal necessary to achieve the desirable greater threshold shifts at lower frequencies.

Set the Channel 1 attenuator to dB. When Speaker is selected on both channels and the optional booster amplifier is not installed, it is possible to increase Channel 2 to a audipmeter hearing level if Channel 1 is lowered.


The Channel 1 and Channel 2 rotary controls adjust the intensity of the sound presented through the monitor headphone or speaker. The graphic representation of the audiogram. Note that the selection of Mic on one channel and Tone on the opposite channel is a valid combination.