Contents[show] About In Patapon 3, instead of having many kinds of units like previous games, you have the four basic Units, known as Ton, Chin and Kan and, . All Patapon 3 Sutras or Summons. All Patapon 3 Sutras o Guia Patapon 2 – Como 31 KB. HD Mortal .. 23 KB. Patapon 3 – Feel the Beat, Destroy Your Foes. All of these rarepons are what the lvl 5 rarepons look like in Patapon 2. Coincidentally, Patapon 3 displays their heroes in lvl 5 rarepon form in tip cards.

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Below the Tomb of Tolerance lies the Depths of Jelousy, a patapom strictly off limits to solo adventurers. His only downside is his flammability. Can equip Longhorns at Level 5. Defence Practice [Free] Suggested: Bueno para comenzar no quiero dar mucho relleno y mas ir al punto todos saben q patapon es un juego de ritmo ,es decir, si quieres ser un buen jugador hay q tener oido pero tambien hay q saber hacer los movimientos correctos en el momento indicado pues porq en este patapon cuando te enfrentas a un jefe y no haces los indicados puede despedazar a tu equipo de un solo golpe asi que hay q ponerse a practicar y tener buen ritmo: He is the symbol of the Patapon 3 game.

Jamsch is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3. He makes up for this downside by inflicting many Status Effects on enemies. He is a close combat Patapon with good damage and defense. Note that Wooyari is immune to the fire status effect when using his Hero Mode or the ice status effect when using paapon mentioned above. He is a Mashu Megapon.


It is rumored on stormy nights, her face can be seen through the dark barred windows. This means you can only have one of each, but to make up for having a very small army, a new feature has been added. It is a new class that wields a greatblade, a greatsword, and an axe and is a Mogyu Rarepon. Retrieved from ” http: Hatapon is the first Patapon that you encounter in all three Patapon games. Unlocked by leveling up Yumiyacha the Yumipon Uberhero to Lvl.

Kan is the bow-wielding Patapon and is the disciple of Yumiyacha. But this one does have a tornado-like aura and is faster.

patwpon He is also the most important Patapon in your army, given ability to lead the army. If you wish for to get much from this paragraph then you have to apply these techniques to your won webpage.

Patapon 3 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PSP – GameFAQs

He wears a pink mask and is in the form of a Buhyokko Rarepon. He is similar to Kibaddabut carries no shield and rides warhorses pataoon lvl. Chin the Tatepon is very good at defense, as his shield can protect the entire army from enemy attack.

Ephemeral Dreams Dashed [Free] Suggested: Cioking’s Singeing Pincers [Free] Suggested: He has hitpoints. Cada orden tienes que usar cuatro tiempos osea 4 botones y al ritmo, cada boton es una frase al juntar 4 frases es lo q forma la cancion y eso es lo determina que accion quieres que realizen tus patapon.

He uses daggers as weapons but can also equip shivs at lvl. Volcano King of the Labyrinth [Once] Suggested: Steadily she glared at gkia setting evening sun, scorching it on the horizon. Mansion Inner Garden [Once] Suggested: From patzpon times, Patapons confident in their mobility would race their troupe against another towards a common goal.


His death results in mission failure. Cannassault is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3.


When the giant rainbow egg in the earth’s center was cracked, a black substance began to spurt forth from the Underworld. You unlock Patapoh when you upgrade Taterazay orange masked Taterazay Uberhero to level 3. I can not wait to read far more from ptaapon. Can equip twinhorns at Level Archfiend of Adamance [Once] Suggested: Pyokorider is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3.

This feature replaces the previous Evolution Map system featured in Patapon 2. This Patapon has the largest attack range in the game wind can increase and decrease the range of his attack depending on which way it is blowingnagating the fact that He’s placed guuia the back of any army.

Mobile Biofortress Ganodias [Free] Suggested: Iron Chest Lvl Gula Hero Mode involves slamming his weapon into the ground and then spinning his chariot wheel causing little, but rapid damage. Dogaeen the Steel Colossus [Free] Suggested: Hello, constantly i used to check web site posts here early in the dawn, because i love to find out more and more. Historically, victory has favored armies with effective close-combat formations.