Terry King gives an overview of gum bichromate printing, along with a step-by- step guide to the process. Fifteen years ago, I was in a similar. Gum bichromate process definition, a contact printing method in which the image is formed on a coating of sensitized gum containing a suitable colored pigment. In the late s, pictorialist photographers favored a diversity of photographic techniques, including the gum dichromate process. Sometimes superimposed.

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More information on casein printing can be found here. Well that was fairly simple; remembering these principles should enable you to answer most of the problems that the process throws up. A gelatin size coating prevents the unhardened dichromate from permeating the paper fibers.

However, if you find that the print is not clearing away in the allotted time or you need to scrub your emulsion to remove unwanted pigment, try exposing the next print for a shorter period of time. Simply repeat steps 2 through 8. Either compound can be purchased in a bright orange crystal granular form from a chemical supplier.

An introduction to the gum bichromate process

Make a daily test print especially if you use the sun: There are probably no two gum printers who approach their work in precisely the same manner. I reinvented the process for myself to keep it simple and avoid deadly poisons such as mercuric chloride which some use to kill off the bugs in the gum. Refrigerate to extend its shelf life thereby reducing the need to add a preservative.


Managing the gum bichromate process Successful gum printing can be achieved through a careful management of the many variable factors associated with the process. If you are intending to make 10 x 8 inch prints there is no problem. Others satisfy bixhromate need of the proponents for complication. By how you describe the results of your prints, you have underexposed your images.


This information has been collated as a service for enquirers. Blackburn is a freelance photographer working in the Dallas, Texas area. The recommended brush is a watercolour lacquer brush; Omega, series 40 with a code number that gives the width in mm.

The dichromates, formerly known as bichromates, are cumulative poisons that can be absorbed through the skin; the dust can eat away the mucous membranes, eg in the nose and lungs. Stretching pre-shrinking paper is necessary if you are printing more than one color or multiple times with the same color to build up density. All procrss best to you. You can buy a very expensive version in lumps, together with bits of tree, which is known as royal gum arabic. In a well-ventilated room mix g potassium metabisulphite in a tray of water and soak the print for 1—5 minutes.

Make a test exposure on the small sheet using a Stouffer scale to determine correct exposure time for your light source. When all layers are complete and dry, a clearing bath of sodium metabisulfite is used to extract any remaining dichromate so the print will be archival.

One would think gum printing has, at last, come prkcess age.


Gum bichromate – Wikipedia

This is the maximum amount that can be absorbed and is known as a saturated solution. Separation negatives of cyan, magenta, and yellow or red, green, and blue are used for a full-color image. Rinse the emulsion for a few seconds under a very gentle stream of water to remove the least affected dichromate first. Gouache was added as the final touch.

Your email address will not be published. For many years and occasionally still I made negatives using the analogue method of enlarging medium format transparencies onto orthochromatic film. Your goal is to develop an acceptable print within 20 — 30 minutes. How fun to know that you have begun to work in gum printing. Each artist persevered through their own lrocess of trials and failures.

Successful gum printing can be achieved through a careful management of the many variable factors associated with the process. Always be careful when handling chemicals. It is then up to you to go away and make your gum print.

Try to start with negatives that have good not necessarily high contrast and density. My immediate reaction was that, if he could do that in black and white, there must be a whole new world out there, in colours, that I could choose for myself. Afterwards, the print is hung to dry.

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