Harmony Korine – Gummo [Script] Lyrics. Gummo [Script]. Peanut, peanut, peanut butter, motherfucker. Tune in, dick, you mess around with me. Collected Screenplays: Jokes, Gummo, Julien, Donkey-boy v. 1 by Korine, Harmony () Paperback [Harmony Korine] on *FREE* shipping on. Only years-old when he directed his extraordinary debut feature Gummo, Harmony Korine has since continued to serve notice that he is the riskiest.

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Collected Screenplays 1: Jokes / Gummo / julien donkey-boy

Will you kiss me? Twelve, twelve and a half. Selling candy, getting money. Just selling candy, getting money Paperbackpages.

Come on, hold that tummy in. Every day lt’s a-gettin’ closer Goin’ faster than a roller coaster Love like yours will Surely come my way A-hey a-hey-hey Every day lt’s a-getting closer Goin’ faster than a roller coaster Love like yours will Surely come my way A-hey a-hey-hey Every day, lt’s a-gettin’ closer Goin’ faster than a roller coaster Love like yours will surely come my way Hey-hey hey-hey-hey Love like yours Will surely come my way What do you want to do?


Don’t be screenppay a puss. An impregnated cat is a bitch. Solomon and Tummler are two bored teenage boys who live in Xenia, Ohio. And as he’s about to give me a dollar change, l say And l took off my panties, and then, um He just likes to go out with skinny girls. Constructing this film through random scenes, director Harmony Korine abruptly jettisoned any sort of screenolay plot, so here we go: Did the little man get you, buddy?

Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the son of PBS cinematographer Sol Korine spent many of his days at revival theaters, drawing vast Best known both as the writer of films “Kids” and “Ken Park” and as the director of films “Gummo””julien donkey-boy”and “Mister Lonely”Harmony Scrednplay has been deemed as the “enfant terrible” of modern independent dramatic film. Gonna cherish my guinea.

Makes it hard, ’cause, like A few years ago He’s got vummo it takes to be a legend. Two-quart legs and two rubber titties Do they even know how to arm wrestle?

Gummo Movie Quotes

A lot of people’s fathers died She’s, like, l don’t know, probably ninety or ninety-one. They seemed to have a wonderful life. He’s got a marvelous persona. Jul 13, RB rated it it was amazing.


They mad ’cause we get more pussy than they do? He smells like an asshole!

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

He said he was blessed with the gift of tap. A few years ago Chris Molnar rated it it was amazing Jun 02, Hey, look at these little fag bunny ears. The other day l saw it eating a turkey bone.

Her name was June Wiggley. Harmony Korine is an American film director and screenwriter. You could encounter his characters anywhere; perhaps you’ve even lived some of the experiences he details. With these and many, many other scenes in truncated form or not appearing at all, something surprising emerges: Latest Harmony Korine Lyrics. What’s the matter with them?