Telugu writer and Poet. Telugu writer and Poet. Gurazada Appa Rao; Gurajada Apparao. edit గురజాడ వెంకట అప్పారావు (Telugu). English: Life History of Gurajada Apparao dispalyed at his house (presently used as a memorial library) in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. Sri Gurajada Apparao was a social reformer, poet, writer, philosopher, and a to know that the era of Modern Telugu Literature was born from Gurajada’s pen.

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Gurazada was born on 21 September at his maternal uncle’s home in Rayavaram village, near YelamanchiliVisakhapatnam apparoa. Emeritus Fellow, University of Madras. It frequently jabs at the male-dominated society of India, by bringing to the forefront certain egoistic idiosyncrasies of a typical Indian teluugu, in an unflattering manner. SrikakulamSrikakulamAndhra PradeshIndia. His remaining schooling was done at Vizianagaram after his father died.

He introduced a new lyrical style and a new meter in place of the traditional one.

Five Great Things About Kavishekara Gurajada Appa Rao

What made his play an exponential success is the way he used satire to talk about serious issues in a light and entertaining manner. Srinivasa Iyyangar, principal of Mrs. Kanyasulkam Sarangadhara Mutyala Saralu Poornamma. The gurajaad inspired many people to take up their responsibility as a citizen seriously.


The play is ageless in the sense that its projection of the Indian mindset and psyche is very relevant and applicable in Indian Society today. In the mean time, he continued his studies and graduated with B. The great Gurajada Appa Rao needs no new introduction to the people of Telugu origin all over the world.


He biogrpahy simultaneously involved in social work and became a member of the Voluntary Service Corps in Visakhapatnam in Wikisource has original works written by or about: It also questions the practices of witchcraftsorcery, and their popular usage in medical practice during that period in India.

Gurajada Apparao was deeply troubled by the double standards, hypocrisy and social inequalities in the Indian society. Gurajada later went on to publish a touching patriotic song, Desamunu Preminchumanna, that is remembered even today. The play is a highly thought-provoking social drama dealing with social issues relevant to the time. InGurajada was appointed to the post of Epigraphist to the Maharaja of Vizianagaram. His son Gurazada Venkata Ramadasu was born in During that time, he was taken care of by the then M.

College with a salary of Rs. Share this on WhatsApp. For some period duringhe worked as Head Clerk in the Deputy Collector’s office.


InGurajada spoke at a Congress Party meeting in Vizianagaram. The English preface to the first edition of his play states: VizianagaramVisakhapatnamAndhra PradeshIndia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

File:Life History of Gurazada Apparao garu.jpg

Views Read Edit View history. He completed his matriculation in and obtained F.

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So, it is our duty as a fellow Telugu-speaking individual to keep him in our thoughts and learn from him all that we can. Srinivasa Iyengar — also gave a lot of support and encouragement. Retrieved from ” https: Philosophy major and Sanskrit minor in

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