Transhuman Space is, to a significant extent, the setting which defined the ideas about future technology which are used in GURPS 4e, so for. GURPS Ultra-Tech is a sourcebook for GURPS. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history which Steve Jackson Games published in A new GURPS Ultra-Tech () was one of the tech books published for GURPS 4e GURPS Space is a genre toolkit for creating Science Fiction campaigns using the GURPS Those topics will be covered by the forthcoming books GURPS Vehicles (4e) and GURPS Ultra-Tech (4e) respectively. The rationale for this decision.

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But if you let this in any game, be prepared for players to try and get far too clever with it. I’d probably stick to the skill set model for consistency, but that’s a matter of taste.

Using GURPS Ultra-Tech 4e in Transhuman Space

Hmm; curiously, Ultra-Tech doesn’t give a duration for this effect that I can see, other than “several seconds” by implication. Not a common feature of TS, but doubtless present in some arcologies and larger space stations.

The Neural Input Receiver might well be possible in Gursp, but might not prove to be terribly precise or reliable. Obviously, ordinary sprays are perfectly feasible – as in, really just extant TL6 technology.

In this case, TS often seems to set prices lower, though it ultfatech, say, automatically include magnification capability in its high-tech optics.

So if you let all the TL10 stuff from this chapter into your TS game, be prepared for hand weapon damage creep.


Have you upgraded your genetics this year? Actually, Utlratech Pressure has two analogues. Read the Designer’s Notes for free on Pyramid! Overall, I think that Ultra-Tech usually makes a given amount of DR of any given type somewhat heavier and more expensive.

Using GURPS Ultra-Tech 4e in Transhuman Space

Table of Contents 1. Its the same issue magic has: I’d suggest following the former, to preserve the feel of the setting, but GMs are of course ultratceh to do otherwise.


Archived from the original on However, that’s still bleeding-edge stuff, and real TL11 skills are pretty much confined to the laboratory. At this speed, humans will reach TL12 before we can do much in the way of colonizing the universe.

In general, I gurpa that the broad assumptions about these technologies are quite compatible between TS and this book; howeverdetail assumptions about cost and weight per point of DR, various other factors, and exactly what’s incorporated into various suits and such as standard, and what represents an optional extra, likely generate a lot of detail clashes gur;s potential for confusion.

Utility Vertol Why do I keep thinking that a cargo helicopter would be better? Wonder drugs and other treatments can be delivered in smart capsules.

GURPS Ultra-Tech

The things that Changing Times derived from Deep Beyond are quite wilfully wimpish, though not quite useless; the TL10 gear in Ultra-Tech is seriously formidable by comparison, and I’d expect at least some “line” military units to be packing it if it was available. Beam Weapons In particular, spacer-adventurers will love lasers. Industry and even colonists 4s go into space, taking advantage of the gravity-free environment to mine asteroids or develop better industrial processes.

Antimatter is of course produced in TS, but generally seems to be quite scarce and well-controlled in the setting, so I can’t see many major nations bothering to use it to make hand-held dirty bombs. Finding a missing princess. In particular, spacer-adventurers will love utlratech. Most armor is powered, from skintight smartsuits to nuclear-powered dreadnought battlesuits. Conversely, less kind GMs can assume that allergies and dosage problems will bedevil this technology for a good couple of TLs yet.

The two dragonflies could feature in TS games, and would doubtless appeal to PCs. All of those and the many others should be in errata, but Not part of the TS paradigm – a bit too cyberpunk, really. Sensors and Scientific Equipment 4. Some simple template equations for suits and stuff, if you can buy a big of leggings or arms. If they’re available, they’re likely to show up a lot, and the concept isn’t so exotic that one can easily limit it to special forces and well-resourced gudps agents.


As ever, it’s up to GMs which to use; I suspect that the new book will generally be better thought through, but of course consistency is often desirable in itself. The general weapons technology that TS treats as standard. Given that the TS setting is wandering into TL11 in some areas of biotech see the previous discussion of GURPS Bio-Techsome of the more advanced stuff here may be appropriate ultratecy though as ever, I’d advise caution with that idea.

It’s easy enough to switch it back to TL10, though; just assume that ultratecch one type of nanodevice can be created at TL Hence, the two books may display slight inconsistencies even in places where they might be expected to align. Though treating all the Changing Times gear as ultraviolet lasers might bring the damage levels more into line, albeit with improved ranges. This is fairly closely akin to the Arachnoweave and Nanoweave featured in the TS core book. Might well be possible in TS perhaps at increased weight – bulky emitters aren’t such a problem when they can be static, and high power requirements aren’t so bad if one can draw from a fixed power cable.

Deception and Intrusion I’d tend to assume that security systems in the TS world are pretty good against direct frontal assaults – it’s a setting in which encryption is ahead of the crackers. As a generic system, GURPS has no inherent story or background, although a number of settings have been developed and published specifically for the system, and others have been adapted; see GURPS Settings.

For a current catalog, send us a legalsized SASE, or just visit www. I should also note here that the weapons tables in Ultrateech Times were based on a combination of early versions of the Ultra-Tech material and rule-of-thumb conversions of old TS material with some intent to preserve backwards compatibility.