Guru Geethaya by Chingiz Aitmatov (Translator – Dadigama V. Rodrigo) Download the Attachment (Pahalin Thiyen Link eka Click karala File. Author, Dadigama V Rodrigu. ISBN, Publisher, SAMEERA PUBLICATIONS. Pages, Size, x x cm. Weight, Our Price, Rs. HomeĀ» Fiction, Novels, Sinhala Book, Sinhala Fiction, Sinhala Novels, Sinhala Translation NovelsĀ» Guru Geethaya by Chinghiz Aitmatov.

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Guru Geethaya – Wikipedia

Why the sudden hurry I wondered. That man never married in his life I met her when I too, became a townsman. The Russian Civil War ended not so long ago. And now, too, he saw red.

Chinghiz Aitmatov ge Palamuwana Guruwaraya Hewath Guru Geethaya

Feedjit Feedjit Live Blog Stats. Duishen, surrounded by a noveel crowd of children, was calling on one family after the next. Just you try going out again! But the steppe remained indifferent to my soundless cry, and I wept, I don’t know why.

But we, a bunch of barefooted scamps, would scramble geeethaya into the branches and raise havoc in the birds’ kingdom. And then suddenly, as if by magic, we’d see a beautiful world of space and light unfolding before us.

Panting, I stumbled into the house. Tall though they are, I could hardly expect to see them from that distance, but to me they are always visible and tangible. My aunt and I were grinding millet in a wooden mortar, and my uncle was busy digging up the wheat he kept in a hole beside the barn to take it to market.

Altynai, who was sitting next to me, started nervously as though guruu remembering something, and asked me what Duishen they were talking about. Who gave you freedom?



I thought her manner and tone were very strange. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’ve got to leave at once. We had no streets in those days, our gray mud huts were scattered about the village in disorder, everyone built where the fancy took him. And every time I realize that my picture remains no more than a vague idea.

Go home at once! Though I knew my aunt wouldn’t let me go to school, I wanted Duishen to come and see where I lived. After the speeches, the school’s Young Pioneers presented her with a bouquet and a red Young Pioneer tie, and then asked her to make the first entry in the visitor’s book.

Our schoolroom became so quiet as if it lay buried under snow. On and on I ran, my heart jubilantly singing to the land, the sky, and the wind: That stable on the hill wants repairing, a bridge has to be built across the stream, we’ll need firewood for the winter Yes, The novel makes reader emotional all along.

It happens every time. And I know it now, I know it without a doubt that my real life with all its joys and sufferings began that day; with the thing I did then.

Subscribe For Free Updates! The old man in the badly worn fur coat was the first to speak. Are your hands made of wood or what?

Two days later, very early in the morning, dogs began to bark excitedly all over the village, and voices could be heard talking loudly. She was lost in thought, and never said a word all the way to the station.

He rubbed my blue, numb legs, massaged my frozen hands and breathed on them. Sinhala-language films Sri Lankan films. She was already past middle age, a statuesque woman with plenty of gray in her glossy black hair.


He sat down on a log that lay in the middle of the yard, and got out pencil and paper. The elements would not be calmed; the wind whirled the snow in mad despair and, sobbing, pounded the earth It was all a long time ago; Duishen was a Komsomol geethaaya then. I can see him now, standing on the bank of that noisy stream, his hands behind his head, beethaya shining eyes following the white clouds chased by the wind high above the mountains.

It all seems unbelievable to me now. Altynai glanced at her wristwatch again and again. My mother, too, was dead. He accomplished more than he realized. Duty comes first with him. The party became noisy and jolly again as everyone drank the toast. Listening to Duishen, we felt we were fighting side by side with him against the white guards. In those days it was catch a horse by the mane and put your foot in the stirrup, and then you were your own boss.

His head hung low, he could hardly drag his feet. It happened in Our old nag’s very spry when she’s heading for home. Whenever my aunt wasn’t looking, I’d slip to the back of the house and peer down the road. I did not have the courage to reply.