(This very great prayer requesting Guruvayurappan(Lord of Guruvayur) . Sloka prayers for solving various problems Compiled by Sri Vathsa. Given below is the collection of last slokas from Daskasmn 81 to 90 of this great devotional put the slokas in context. O Lord of Guruvayur!. While above Guruvayur he smiled at the pompousness and vividity of the procession by chanting 8 slokas in praise of Govinda, known as Govinda Ashtakam.

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When he read the Jnanappana, he found that it was flawless. Guruvayporappan miracle was due to his faithful recitation of Narayaneeyam. Poonthanam was flabbergasted to see that the ring was his own, which he had presented to Mangattachan, the day before!.

The saint ultimately found him on the stage with the ‘gopikas’. When devotees go round the Krishna temple, from a certain spot, they face Mammiyur and pray to Shiva.

Prayers to the Lord of Guruvayoor from Narayaneeyam -9

Melpathur Narayana Bhattithiri was a devotee of Guruvayoorappan. Jarasandha, who respected brahmins, readily agreed and chose Bhima as the opponent. Every day, the temple opens at 3 a. He wept because he believed he had failed and shouted at the Lord, exclaiming that his father would beat him.

He then established the city of Indraprastha and came back to Dwaraka. It was a terrible duel and Bhima was finding it difficult guruvayooraappan cope. Once he asked Narada who could be easily propitiated, pleased. Of the Trimurtis Brahma is more rajasic and less sattwic.

Villwamangalam could not cure him and told that the pain is the result of his past karma. Satyabhama was the envy of celestial damsels whom the former excelled in beauty. Wherever he went, he had visions. To keep the reminiscence of this unusual event, the elephant race aanayottam is conducted every year and this marks the beginning of the Guruvayur Utsavam. When it was time for taking leave, You went to Radha and firmly embraced her.


By this she wanted to show her acquaintance with the saint Guruvayoorzppan. This is the account in the Mahabharatha, told by the sage Dattatreya to King Janamejaya, son of Parikshit.

One day a devotee guruvauoorappan a feast to be held for the Lord with a hundred measures of rice. Only in this incarnation people got rid of their afflictions and were liberated by such effortless means as deep friendship, fear, affection, enmity, love, devotion and guruvayoorappwn other emotions directed towards you.

YudhiShthira was happy when Krisha came with his wives. Several doctors tried to cure him but to no avail. The shop-keeper was aghast when he saw Lord Guruvayurappan follow the little boy around the temple.

Stotras to the Lord of Guruvayur

He went to Guruvayur and cried out to the Lord. Please save me from my ailments. In gratitude, the King built the Guruvayoorappan Temple and set apart funds for the daily routine of the temple.

In the third verse, he pointed out three mistakes and so on. O Lord of Guruvayoor who fulfils the wishes of your devotees! A few drops of water unintentionally fell upon Chemmangatt Amma, another lady of the locality who had finished her bath.

Malayalam was not accepted in the learned circle those days and Melpathur had contempt for Malayalam, which was not considered equal to Sanskrit. Kuchela was a brahmin who was a classmate of Krishna at the gurukula of Sandeepani. Guruvayur is a temple state with the Lord as its Head.


At the prescribed time he offered Nivedyam cooked rice to the Lord and thought in simplicity that the Lord will eat the rice, but the idol did not move. Vritra did terrible penance and, after seven days, angered that Siva did not appear before him, he prepared himself to cut off his head.

Devotees started chanting the name of the Lord and struggled to collect the flower from the garland. The Mahabharata is undoubtedly one of the greatest works of the world, unique in many[ During a solar eclipse Krishna, leaving Kritavarma and Aniruddha for the defence of Dwaraka, left for Samanthapanchaka, a place well known for a holy dip during the solar eclipse, along with yadavas guruvaylorappan their womenfolk.

The Lord is adorned with flowers of the previous day. It was the Lord himself who came and helped him out of the difficulty.

It was the garland, which Manjula had placed on the stone at the foot of slpkas banyan tree. Narada suggested that he Vritrasura propitiate Siva not Vishnu who does not have a friendly disposition to the bad.