For complete information on a command’s capabilities and restrictions, see the man page. Man pages for PowerHA® SystemMirror® for AIX® commands are. Important files: odmget HACMPlogs shows where are the log files odmget HACMPcluster shows cluster version odmget HACMPnode shows. There is no specific command to get the PowerHA version. However, the version of the fileset actually reflects the PowerHA.

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AIX Blog: HACMP Usefull Commands

To be sure you can run cllistlogs: How to show heartbeat information. How to get the ip label associated to commads resource group. Kill ALL user sessions. How to create a large snapshot of the hacmp configuration. How to show resource information by resource group.

Describe the use of group functions. They happen to work. Identify the available group functions. The most widely known tool to check the cluster state is probably clstat: How to list the participating nodes in the resource group sapRG. Create and configure a PDB.


Partitioning Enhancements in 11g. How to commqnds info about all network modules. A cluster ping program with more arguments. How to list the shared lvs.

How to list the network for ip How to list the runtime parameters for the node node1. You could also use a map file to tell the command how to setup your LV: How to show resource information by node. You can increase or reduce the value depending on the system load. The official CLI commands have been introduced to provide a framework for batch scripts. Describe various types of hadmp available in SQL. So be sure you work on the right node!

AIX: HACMP Commands – Technical Blog for System Administrator

How to list the shared vgs which can be accessed by all nodes. External Table Enhancements in 12c.

Collect database usage statistic. A cluster ping program with more arguments. How to change cluster definitions name to dcmds and id to 2. Anonymous 16 June at Congratulations for the initiative. Use jacmp set operator to combine multiple queries into a single query. How to force shutdown cluster immediately without releasing resources.


Rebuild all indexes of table. How to show cluster state and substate depends on clinfo. If there are still enough free PPs in the existing Volume group the filesystem can be extended with a standard AIX hcmp Sort the rows that are retrieved by a query.

HACMP: Cluster Commandline

X utility for cluster configuration. Like us on Facebook. Ccommands utility for hacmp management. How to list the local view of the cluster topology. Code syntax highlighter in google sites.

X utility for hacmp management. How to do the mock sync of topology. Cluster rsh program that take cluster node names as argument.