Hans Bacher: Dream Worlds – Production Design in Animation (Selected). Posted by: Nagy Péter. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare. A happy note to close out this year’s animation book releases: Hans Bacher’s eagerly anticipated book about animation production design. Hans Bacher is acknowledged as one of the greats of production design for animation and he has been given unparalleled access to Disney’s archives to.

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You should know what you want to design without following the rules of nature. Of course, not all environments will require full range of values from light to dark. Something that lets the player orient themselves in the environment. I understand that it isn’t always an option to visit locations around the world just for environment reference.

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Click here to pick up a copy of Dream Worlds on Amazon. Bacherr actual art tips were solid and important, but stuff I had seen elsewhere already I do have a lot of art books.

Where there is a lot of light, you get the lightest value — white; in the darkest shadow areas you get black. Other editions – View all Dream Worlds: When coming up with a style and theme for your level or game environment look at what has already been done.

You should spend a lot of time in preproduction phase – researching and bacehr reference. It’s almost as if some poor studio assistant followed Hans Bacher around, taking notes as his thoughts bounced from obscure Rococo painters, to the Disney vaults, to the importance of balance and rhythm. Hiding in the grass and foliage was a way to bcaher your enemies, now it is the enemies who may be hiding in the dark gacher in the jungle to surprise you. Unlike film, where the screen time is limited, in game art the player can explore your environment.


There is no better inspiration and reference collection than actually visiting places similar to the one you are to create.

His works are inspiring. It also includes the research and concept-design based on possible stylistic directions.

Yet nearly everywhere around the world the same rules can be applied. Production Design for Animation by Hans Bacher.

Just as author points out, ” nothing is accidental; we lead the eye of the audience. While it talks on the production design process, it provides tons of examples from Disney’s archive to support dgeam concepts. It is the time when you go back to school and learn how things look, and learn how to draw them. Learn about different color combinations such as monochromatic, complementary, split-complementary, analogous, triad.

Living Lines Library: Hans Bacher: Dream Worlds – Production Design in Animation (Selected)

For example, a love scene will need different colors than a suspense scene. Use BSP brushes and simple geometric shapes to define boundaries of buildings, walls and environment sections. World of Level Design website, its tutorials and products are not endorsed, sponsored or approved by any mentioned companies on this website in any way. Mar 10, Parka rated it it was amazing Shelves: Instead you see his creativity manifest in Extremely inspiring.

Psychologists and interior designers know how to use them together to achieve specific results.

Dream Worlds: Production Design in Animation – Hans P. Bacher – Google Books

This book is an invaluable resource for any production designer. Matilda Millani rated it it was ok Apr 15, What is the primary dominating element of your map? Aug 21, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: My library Help Advanced Book Search.

The key is to find a way to use practical knowledge in one discipline and transfer it to another. Certain cool colors calm down the emotions, while hot colors create aggression in emotions. It makes them easier to work with. But even in nature you will find a situation where the sky is the darkest value and a middle-ground the lightest. As the map progresses, the evening turns into night and the rain picks up to a downpour and eventually to a hurricane.


Instead you see his creativity manifest in myriad shapes, colors, and patterns across a variety of projects. Look at the color palette of each scene and location. Player starts the game on a mid-day sunny beach and within a few levels the day turns to evening and to night.

There are many useful lessons, such as film analysis, visual development and research, camera rules, composition, staging and others. I try to avoid detail wherever possible.

Unfortunately, I was not part of the group of artists that went to China for Mulan. It is a worthy addition to your library. Look at old and new films. These colors can be used in different combinations to create different atmospheres. We lead the eyes of the audience. But if I am in the preproduction stages for a project and I am looking at different art styles, watching and playing for the purpose of discovering a theme and style of an environment that I would want to create, it sticks with me; even if I decide not to use that reference.

Want to Read saving…. So interesting to read and great artworks. Duplication and distribution is illegal and strictly prohibited.

Production Design in Animation. Just visit my library page for the link.