About the Book: Harivamsa and Mahabharata are complementary to each other. Harivamsa especially describes the pastimes of the Supreme Lord that took. Harivamsa Purana (Set of 10 Volumes) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Harivamsa and Mahabharata are complementary to each other. Harivamsa Purana (Volume Ten) [Purnaprajna Dasa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Language: Transliterated Text with English English .

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Member feedback about Satyavati: Fourteen Purvas The Prior Knowledge — considered totally lost.

For privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. The demon was dispatched by Krishna’s evil uncle Kamsa, who was destined to hadivamsa at Krishna’s hands.

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Some notable differences are the following, According to Jain Harivamsa purana, Krishna goes to hell for his role in Mahabharatha war and in his next life he becomes a Thirthankara. Harivamsa Purana Set of 10 Volumes.

The great sage, Vyasadeva, has said that the barivamsa one achieves by performing one hundred horse-sacrifices, which enables one to establish four thousand food distribution centers serving an inexhaustible quantity of food, and rewards one with the position of Indra, is achieved simply by giving this most sacred literature, Harivamsa, in charity.


Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas. Again, thank you very much. Banasura receives benedictions from Lord Siva.

Krishna is one of the most widely revered and popular of all Hindu deities. I am grateful to be your customer. Harivamsa consists of about sixteen thousand verses.

Harivamsa Purana

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Harivamsa in Translation

Purana Manuscripts from 1st- to 2nd-century The word Puranas ; Sanskrit: Vishnu Parva recounts the history of Krishna up to the events prior to the Mahabharata. He is a central character in the Mahabharata, the Bhagavata Purana and the Bhagavad Gita, and is mentioned in many Hindu philosophical, theological, and mythological texts.

Member feedback about Vayu Purana: Vasudeva and Devaki arrive for the sacrifice of Brahmadatta. Creator Yeah, Jains modified the story of the Haivamsa to fit their ideology.


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Truth re-emerges as Krishna, called “Hari” and “Vasudeva another name for Krishna ” in the text — first makes peace with the demons, understands them and then creatively defe Later Karna was also called Kaunteya when his real identity as Upinder Singhp. The name Dvaraka is said to have been given to the place by Krishna, a major deity in Hinduism. Lord Krsna and the Yadavas depart from Mathura and establish the city of Dvaraka. It is generally represented by a tree with twelve branches.

Krsna in the Harivamsa Set of 2 Volumes.

Harivamsa Purana. Sri Harivamsa-parva – chapters by Sri Krsna Dvaipayana Vedavyasa

On Narada Muni’s advice, Pradyumna receives benedictions from Harivmsa. Rati is often associated with the arousal and delight of sexual activity, and many sex techniques and positions derive their Sanskrit names from hers. About 20 inscribed images have been found here that date from Samvat to