I’d been looking for a nice generic RPG world map for a while. As I leafed through my GenCon coupon book, I ran across a voucher from. A little background on my search for Harn (optional). I’ve run all kinds of games over the years with varying levels of enjoyment on my part as the DM. My group. Index background Search: Harn ( results) The Fragment: A Harn Novel Argon Publishing: . Free RPG Day , Various Publishers, Various Systems.

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HârnMaster – Wikipedia

Also includes a list of most major chantries in Lythia. City of Shiran PDF. Harn Character Generator Software. Includes a colour site map and interior plans of the keep. Also included are historical, cultural, and genealogical notes, plus a full colour page on the heraldry of Kandian great clans. Includes a full color map of the settlement and interior plans.

Gridlore April 3, at The wild hillmen of Himod, a region on the western fringes of Orbaal. The ruling clan is closely associated with the church of Agrik.

Hârn – Wikipedia

Robin definitely had a unique vision, and not one for everyone. In addition to these basic attributes, a number of derived attributes such as Endurance, derived from Strength, Stamina, and Will are used to describe a character’s basic qualities and abilities. Plans of the Laranian temple, and seat of the Harnic primate of that church. The kingdom always seems to be on the verge of falling apart, for it’s a land where scheming, regional lords several dukes of Shorkyne are far more powerful than Harnic kings hold sway over a weak throne.


Brad March 24, at 2: A lone group of travelers hurries to a remote Laranian abbey to escape the merciless weather. I supported because… “I use this site a lot and am heavily motivated by guilt. Harn is regarded with disdain by most Lythians.

Atlas Harnica Map D7. It is exactly the kind of setting I like to play in Commonly called the “Mages’ City”, most outsiders consider it a place of bizarre happenings and weird inhabitants.

While owning Cities of Harn is helpful, the floor plans in this module can be plugged into any fantasy town. Terlin Wesindan holds the inn and employs mercenaries to oppose Kurson Ondailis, a warlord who exacts tribute from hadn and caravans. It was the setting I used for my first Cold Iron campaign Cold Iron is a system a college friend developed.

A keep held by the intolerant female Order of the Crimson Dancer. I’ve been thinking of getting into Harn for a while now, thanks for the review.

I used to game with him back in the day, heck, back when rrpg were trying to come up with what would eventually become the Harnmaster rules. Complicating matters, a mad priest appears with summoned Vlasta, and warring barbarian tribes may destroy Trobridge.

It’s as if there is only one note playing in what should be a quartet. How many other gaming creations can say that?

On the other hand, how many other RPG systems out there made it a valid PC career choice to be a tradesman? An earthmaster site guarded by the Mendar tribesmen. Atlas Harnica Map J5. The Guild of Arcane Lore is a loose association of mages, alchemists and wielders of esoteric power. After sampling the core material, I’ve become a collecting junkie. Har of Harn is beautifully illustrated and includes color plates of clerical badges, heraldry of the fighting orders, formal clerical robes and a Religious Calendar, showing all the significant religious dates.



This article needs additional citations for verification. Unhealed injuries penalize a characters actions, including combat actions, reducing their overall effectiveness. A large colour map of the kingdom is included, with political, historical, economic, and cultural notes, and a colour plate of the heraldry of the Kaldoric great clans. They are easy to use and as a result the combat flows faster than any game of equal complexity. Explore our Products section for details on all modules.

Cultural notes and habits of the Harnic harpy, a mysterious winged creature inhabiting the mountains of Horn. A colour site map and interior plans are included. Still, it’s nuts to discover a campaign world where the names and salaries of every notable person in nearly every town are set forth in the materials.

Cover of 3rd edition. No civilized society can function without a legal system, and even on Harn, the administration of justice is surprising complex. Includes a colour site map, plus extensive interior plans of three buildings and various legends regarding the site. Anonymous March 24, at Harn Heraldry Map laminated. Order of the Checkered Shield.