Airport Directory – Plates – HECA – CAIRO INTL | RocketRoute HECA INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART-ICAO RNP RWY 05R · HECA INSTRUMENT . ILS RWY 05C CAT II ILS RWY 05C A. RNP RWY 05C VOR RWY 05C Runway 05L. ILS OR LOC RWY 05L RNP RWY 05L 7. Jan. Licensed to Cipher. Printed on 18 Jan Notice: After 28 Jan Z, this chart may no longer be valid. Disc J E P P E S E N.

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The why and the what can be done are easy. So join us and fly from Cairo to any of the Egyptian Airports as well as any hexa airports in the area.

I do not chart why, there should be a valid reason for sure, the computer needs to establish on the localizer first and may or may not follow the glide slope, but it has to be captured after the localizer for sure. If kts is still too fast you could also try a slower speed to make the turn tighter.

The bug will be eventually corrected in the future pro version. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Than it goes to ITT55 on heading of deg, at least as per the interpretation of the computer. According to this rule the approach speed in ideal conditions, or fair weather depends on the distance from the runway. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


We are fully staffed for our event “Cairo Night Ops” as well as we have Gulf Control and our neighbors online! I was too busy changing speed, heading, etc. The glide slope will be available at point P or D5. Sections of this page.

What I think and correct me, if I am wrong is that the main reason for missing the approach is how the navigation computer interprets the chart. For the latest pilot briefings, aerodrome charts and sceneries, visit http: The plane than has to fly to D5.

– Airport Charts for Flight Simulator Pilots

Thank you in advance! Here is how the navigation computer of the cuarts interprets all the above. Your friends rule of thumb would work on a straight approach or a circle to land that does not have such a tight turn radius. What can be done?

Airport Directory – Plates – HECA – CAIRO INTL | RocketRoute

Kindly join us and help the new candidate to pass! If I get permission from Mathijs I will post the beta test video of the approach later on. If they fix it it will be in the professional edition not V1.

What it says is that the plane should fly on ft till reaching CAI D1. The major charst here is that all experiments were made in fair weather conditions, just for chartts trial.

The only standard clearance everyone gets, is to fly runway heading and to climb to ft on take-off. I think I had seen something similar in some of the aviation videos also. Hi, Thank you for the explanation and nice video!



I’ll respectfully disagree that speed is not a problem with such an approach, as the faster you’re going the wider your turns are going to be hheca this can certainly through the aircraft off enough to miss a successful localizer and glideslope intercept. Marsa Alam is a coastal city KM south east of Hurghada, well known for its beautiful beach.

We wish everyone lots of fun and a good start in the new month! December 28 at 7: This is obviously an artificial, computer chartd point, which is not part of the chart and in the particular case determines the type of approach, i. Here an example of how it should look like. This will be a busy night, all pilots are welcome to come and join the fun. Routes, bookings are available in https: Let us know how that works out. Hope my thoughts in the previous post were clear enough.

Here the final approach and GP has to be started in order to reach the runway safely and as per the applicable procedure. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Want to fly to a small airport by the coast? Thank you for the explanation and nice video!

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