Helmut Pottmann of TU Wien, Vienna (TU Wien) with expertise in: Applied Mathematics, Geometry and Topology and Computer Graphics. Read List of computer science publications by Helmut Pottmann. Outstanding Technical Contributions Award – Helmut Pottmann. Helmut Pottmann joined the Technical University of Vienna in as assistant professor.

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Team members

Trier 1 Trier 2. Helmut PottmannJohannes Wallner: Self-Intersections of Offset Curves and Surfaces. Geometric design of motions constrained by a contacting surface pair.

Computer-Aided Design 30 7: Curvature analysis and visualization for functions portmann on Euclidean spaces or surfaces. Computer-Aided Design 22 4: Form-finding with polyhedral meshes made simple.

Computer-Aided Design 32 Helmut Pottmann is probably best known as the founder of Architectural Geometry, a new research field at the interface of Mathematics, Computer Science, Structural Engineering and Architecture.


Laguerre minimal surfaces, isotropic geometry and linear elasticity. Computing the Minkowski sum of ruled surfaces.

GuibasHelmut Pottmann: Discovering structural regularity in 3D geometry. Functional webs for freeform architecture. Computer Aided Geometric Design 13 7: Geometric modeling in shape space.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 16 6: Freeform Architecture and Discrete Differential Geometry. Edge offset meshes in Laguerre geometry.

Dr. Helmut Pottmann, Director of Geometric Modeling and Sc… | Flickr

Energy-minimizing splines in manifolds. His work has opened up a whole new research area and inspired many to follow his lead. Computer Vision and Image Understanding 95 1: Computer Aided Geometric Design 12 2: Martin KilianNiloy J.

Computer-Aided Design 31 1: Michael HoferHelmut Pottmann: Symposium on Solid and Helmmut Modeling Computer Aided Geometric Design 31 1: Intrinsic subdivision with smooth limits for graphics and animation. Computer Aided Geometric Design 7 Helmut PottmannGerald E. Geometry of architectural freeform structures. Computer Aided Geometric Design 30 5: Freeform surfaces from single curved panels.


Martin BertramJames C.

Helmut Pottmann – Google Scholar Citations

Automatic fitting of conical envelopes to free-form surfaces for flank CNC machining. Rational Ruled Surfaces and Their Offsets. On the computational geometry of ruled surfaces. On Approximation in Spaces of Geometric Objects. The focal geometry of circular and conical meshes. Helmut Pottmann joined the Technical University of Vienna in as assistant professor.

BarnhillKarsten OpitzHelmut Pottmann: