Photo of Henry Margenau. Henry Margenau. Instructional Specialist, Writing Studies. Office: Dickson Hall ; Email: [email protected]; Phone. Why I am a Christian. Professor Henry Margenau. Dear Roy: In a recent telephone conversation you requested that I clarify, or perhaps amplify, my claim that I. Henry Margenau. + Add or change photo on IMDbPro». Contribute to IMDb. Add a bio, trivia, and more. Update information for Henry Margenau».

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Henry Margenau – Wikipedia

Now for an electron the quantity on the right of this inequality is about 1 in c. Please try again later. Classical determinism made freedom intrinsically impossible, unless its application to psycho-physical phenomena is arbitrarily interdicted.

The Mathematics of Physics and Chemistry2nd ed.

We now make the additional affirmation that our will — the core of consciousness, wherein the self proclaims its being most emphatically — interacts with the body in a special way when it makes a decision and deliberately activates the body.

Since it is forced to assume the occurrence of violations of the normal order of nature, it is tantamount to a belief in miracles. Vincent College in Genry, Pennsylvania.

Such an extreme view regarding the independent objectivity of physical states cannot be carried over into quantum mechanics; there must at least be a shift of emphasis. To describe the mechanical state of each individual molecule one needs to specify its position and its velocity, nothing more. That view cannot henrh rejected out of hand; indeed it is very prevalent.

For things in themselves, which lie beyond our comprehension, causality and all heenry basic modes of thought are irrelevant. These latter characterize a level of complexity above the mechanics of mass points. Everyone knows, however, that large atmospheric disturbances spring from minute pressure and velocity changes taking place within small regions in the upper air. Modern physics, through Heisenberg’s principle of indeterminacy, has loosened Laplacian determinism sufficiently to allow uncaused atomic events, permitting in certain specifiable situations the incidence of genuine chance.


Future discoveries will doubtless place it in a new light, but it is difficult to see how its essence, which is drawn upon in the present context, can ever be relinquished.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. A more impressive illustration of the intrusion of atomic chance into the living world is afforded by the mutation of genes, which is known to result sometimes from the impact of a single X-ray quantum.

The contrast between objectivity and subjectivity margeenau states has an interesting analogue in the theory margenaau probability,6 which, as the reader very likely recalls, can be formulated either as an empirical frequency theory or as a subjective “a priori” discipline. Math is clearly presented here in this book. This situation has changed by virtue of the discovery of quantum mechanics.

The view, however, seems reasonable. For a brain cell, m is at least one trillion times as great as it is for an electron, hence the uncertainty is a billion times smaller. He was married to Liesel Noe and the couple parented two sons and a daughter. Margenau was appointed Eugene Higgins Professor of Margenqu and Natural Philosophy as Yale ina post he was to hold until his retirement from formal academic life in It is the limitation of his knowledge about himself which gives him the sense of being free.


Henry Margenau

There were three hemophiliacs among Victoria’s nine children, seven among her grandchildren, six in the fourth generation. The problem of freedom, however, has been with us since the dawn of philosophy, and it behooves us now to follow up the allusions at the beginning of section 1 and comment on the uneasy union between deterministic science and freedom-conscious moral philosophy which existed throughout the centuries that preceded ours.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Although little is known about the details of these reactions there is a good deal of conclusive evidence to support the claim that quantum indeterminacy can project important effects into the world at large, that organisms, in particular, can have margwnau behavior and their fate strongly influenced by interaction with elementary physical entities.

To be sure, it was triggered by the mxrgenau photons, hence there was an immediate cause. Margenau heenry in Hamden, Connecticut.

Human reason does not tolerate two incoherent principles where a single one will do. English Hery a language for shopping. Henry Margenau April 30, — February 8, was a German-American physicistand philosopher of science.

Nor is this without consequences with respect to the nature of time. Or if it does, if for some conscious reason — perhaps the desire to surprise my partner — I have chosen to lift my left arm when he expected the right one to be raised, that reason is far from the concerns of ethics.