Will said: Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger has written (with the help of Jeffrey Is this “Highest Duty” in a re-marketed format in anticipation of the movie ?. Sully Sullenberger talked about his book Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters. On January 15, , Captain Chesley “Sully”. The hero pilot who made the successful emergency landing in the Hudson River tells his story, assisted by bestselling author Zaslow (The Girls.

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He and his First Officer were remarkable in their single-mindedness to shut out everything extraneous and make the right decisions.


To All Airline Passengers. A true American hero, the book goes into his early love of flying, lessons and his career as a pilot. There is no big reservoir of high-time jet pilots in the U. The Miracle on the Hudson refers to Flight highedt, an airplane piloted by Sully.

He used some technical airplane terms, however they were always explained in a simple way for those with little knowledge about flying. I vow to now pay attention to the flight attendants when they go through the safety features before the flight begins! Sully was 58 years old on flight with 42 years flying experience.

He did not have time to think sullenbfrger people gave credit to him for landing the plane with no loss of life. He “plans the flight and flies the plan”, having established a turnaround time of 1 pm.

Man, I ate this book up. Coming back and becoming a pilot on commercial airlines.

His headline event might have been a disastrous one in the hands of a less experienced pilot. Sully does not mention any regrets at not having started the turn earlier.

It is sad to learn, at the end of the book, that neither of Captain Sully’s parents lived long enough to see their son land Flight in the Hudson and all of the passengers walk out of the plane. The airline has some fiendishly complex systems. It sounds as though he would have enjoyed life much more if he’d done three 4-day trips per month away 12 days instead of 18 and had a complementary second job. Unfortunately that isn’t possible with today’s U. This kind of dedication defines a personality type.

Sullenberger 3 9 Sep 03, A pilot with regular training, who had not had Air Force training on jets, 40 years of experience flying, years of study of what went wrong in airplane disasters as well as how to prevent them, and military training and discipline, would not have been able to land this plane safely.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. The subheading is the same, but this is listed as a separate book. His father was a very hands-on person who always had a new project or idea to try. During his time there, he flew several different types of planes and investigated several airplane crashes.

Nearly gave up halfway through when the “miracle on the Hudson” was still no more than a passing mention. We do not finish reading this book thinking that we cannot do anything important with our lives because we have not had those circumstances. May 17, Brittany rated it it was amazing. Our future airline pilot solos at age 16 from a grass crop dusting strip in rural Texas, with just 7.

Sully wasn’t bitter or disappointed, but he was trying to run a couple of small businesses in addition to flying the Airbus and never had enough time to devote to the enterprises. I knew that the water rescue resources at LaGuardia were a tiny fraction of those available on the Hudson between Manhattan and New Jersey.

He was always a perfect gentleman, a man who almost never raised his voice. Sully is a regular guy, who loves his job and sees the importance of p As someone who frequently travels I had a feeling Sully would interest me. He also sounded frustrated with and exhausted by a lot of irrational and customer-unfriendly company policies. She will rush out, buy a gun, come home, and shoot your pathetic substandard inadequate self in the head.

Sully’s 20,st hour of flying time did not make him significantly more proficient. It couldn’t have been a more text book crash landing and one that saved the lives of everyone on board the plane. The author recalls lessons learned from his parents, instructors, colleagues, his fitness instructor wife and his two adopted daughters, all of whom contributed to preparing him to handle the dire emergency that made him famous.

I can see how this would be more appealling if I was American. Overal Having not seen the film adaptation, I wanted to read Sully’s account of landing his plane on the Hudson, along with finding out more about him as an individual.

His actions were not voluntary. It highlights the background of Sullenberger’s military service and shows how his ethical standards to do what is right proved right despite all the flight tests to prove him wrong.


Had dreams of flying jets in nearby Perrin Air Force base. The world will never return to its former state, but life has been renewed for Sully as it has for each of the other passengers on Flight To compensate for what has become for sulllenberger a routine and annoying job.

Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters

All of which is interwoven into alternating chapters, building suspense, leading up to that fateful day in Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Sully talks about the effect that watching the news about Kitty Genovese had on him as a year-old coincidentally, she lived and died in Kew Gardens, which is today a very popular place for JFK-based airline employee crash pads.

The map of the flight path near the end of the book makes it clear that they could have turned around and landed at LaGuardia if they had started the turn immediately after the bird strike Fly by Wire mentions that crews in simulators were able to do this ex-post futy.

Apr 11, HBalikov rated it it was amazing. Sullenberger, can rise to meet extraordinary challenges. Throughout, Sully also gives background information on airline industry politics and procedures, licensing requirements, safety regulations and how economic cutbacks have made lax many industry standards. His history and past experiences put together with his upbringing and personal beliefs about how to live life helped him to sullenbergrr what he had to do to save his passengers.

Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters – Wikipedia

Do not share this book with anyone who has ever worked for a regional airline. I also love the stories he told about how what he and his crew did touched so many different people in different ways. When USAir shut down the base, due to the byzantine unionized seniority-based system prevailing at airlines, Captain Sully could not simply go to work for United, JetBlue, or some other airline with a San Francisco base.