Hearts of Iron 2 has had many versions. The original game is referred to as HoI2, or “vanilla” and was released in This game had a series of patches that. Appointment of Ministers. Ministers are appointed automatically in Hearts of Iron 2 It is not practical, in the space available in this manual, to detail each of the. Post with views. HOI2 Manual Encourages Save-Scumming.

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Only played it solo so far. And i play this game for a years and every month i find something new: Witp is a game that will consume most of your free time even against the AI, pbm games can take years!

From Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki.

Manual index – Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki

Share This Page Tweet. I was guessing the idea was to move troops to islands which would give a strategic advantage to my air assets and, at the same time, prevent my enemy from doing the same Limited control of production – virtually none as the Allies – but especially as Japan the requirement to look after resource extraction hli2 shipment.

They are completely different games though, HoI2 hli2 closer to real time strategy really.


You must log in or sign up to reply here. So, if you have free time and will to invest it into WITP, mnaual first confusing impressions it will most likely become the only game you will play for long long time.

I spend all my time playing Witp. Frankly, that is what war games are really all about, any AI can be stomped sooner or later.

The Complete Newbie Guide – Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki

Ultimately, buy both, you would be supporting my two favourite company! Bobthehatchit WITP is a very time consuming game D] Definitely fire up UV with all the patches and learn to play it. Not at all the same game. Mar 30, Mankal I really think if there was an in-depth manual, I could have got into it more.

Also, there’s meant to be quite a comprehensive manual with it. Just a different style of game. Should I start by reading the HoI2 manual? The way I’ve learned to play it was simply to let the game go on with the initial startup, modifying only a bit of most important things. If you don’t have either of those, go for HOI Er, I’d say you have to plan forward months in RT as well [; ].

So much things to see, so much to do, and you don’t have idea how to do that A Hearts of Iron Game Obchod. Much abstraction, emphasis on the strategic-level direction that you provide. Where it could be more detailed?


Nothing wrong with it, just not a war game in my eyes. NET Advanced Edition 2.

HOI2 Manual Encourages Save-Scumming

Please visit our Forum at ParadoxPlaza. It’s an empire builder with historical undertones. I basically created a task force with supply and troops ships and what escort ships I had there, loaded a shed load of troops and went off to Guadalcanal led there by history I guess I just couldn’t get to grips with it. I kind of like the scale, but the lack of information really through me I think it’s just brilliant that two very different and yet very good games companies are around, especially now when the ‘received wisdom’ is that Strategy Games such as these are dying.

Since earlythere is a 1. Armageddon is the latest game version and includes all features of the previous two.

I should be getting it sometime after 24th[: It is being developed by the community but with the blessing of Paradox.