JNTO is official Japan Tourism Organization, providing free advice and 【 Announcement】For Travel Agencies: Regarding Travel Subsidies in Hokkaido. At the reception, he outlined the key to enjoying Hokkaido from an Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) -In cooperation with. Explore Cities. 1 Hokkaido; 2 Tohoku; 3 Tokyo; 4 Chubu; 5 Kyoto; 6 Nara; 7 Osaka; 8 Kobe; 9 Shikoku; 10 Hiroshima · Explore regions.

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Hokkaido is synonymous with skiing in Japan.

Enjoy the natural environment of Hokkaido in summertime in both simple and deep ways

Tourist information in Hokkaido Updated: Bird feathers are sewn together for clothing. In the east lies Japan’s largest marshland, Kushiro National Park. Plump scallops with shells, sea urchin in which the flavor of the ocean is concentrated, silver saury — they are all slightly larger than what we find in cities and all look really fresh.

Meander through a carpet of fallen flowers; stroll along the cherry blossom tunnel on the west moat; and rent a boat to see the blossoms reflecting off the water. You can find kegani in sushi, bento boxes and hot pots across Hokkaido.

Orangutans, with their long arms and grips that are around 10 times stronger than the grip of a human hand, freely walk through the air while holding on to ropes at 17m above ground.

The deep, cold oceans provide an abundance of fresh seafood including crab, scallops, salmon, and octopus. It often includes meat, from wagyu beef to Hokkaido snow crab. Modern Art Visualize Hkokaido treasured heritage and its cutting-edge future. Spring As the snow melts, Hokkaido transforms. Sapporo Ramen Served in a rich miso soup and topped with butter, sweet corn, bean sprouts and pork, this winter warmer is on the menu at ramen restaurants throughout Sapporo and the rest of Hokkaido.


Please check the latest information on the following websites. To try a little of everything, Ainu bachelors didn’t put a ring on it, they carved love tokens, including Nibutani trays.

Discover the Undiscovered Explore the undiscovered region in 7 days. It’s also possible to take the bullet train from Tokyo; the journey is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass. Summer Summer is lavender season in Hokkaido, and there are dozens of other flower festivals too.

Witness the splendid natural beauty of the sea and mountains of the northern lands of Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita and Iwate, and enjoy each region’s culture and culinary delights. Nibutani Tree-Bark Textiles Bark from Manchurian elm or Japanese lime trees is handspun and woven into distinctively textured fabric.

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Though the JNTO endeavors to ensure the information is accurate, users of the information are to act on such using their own judgement and at their own risk. Visit here for more information about Hokkaido.

Situated close to the middle of Hokkaido, Furano and Biei are popular destinations blessed with beautiful scenery of flowers and green hills. Kushiro Kattedon Buy a bowl of rice at Kushiro Washo Seafood Market and wander the stalls, filling it with as much hoikaido, reasonably priced seafood as you like. Use the icon on pages to add to favourites.

Sapporo’s world-renowned winter snow hokkwido, with its massive snow and ice sculptures, attracts thousands of people every year.

Many features of the samurai town are intact, including late-Edo style mansion elements such as gates, main houses and storehouses.


Share your travel photos with us by hashtagging your images with visitjapanjp. To the south, at the foothills of Hidaka Mountain, gondolas ferry visitors to the Unkai Terrace viewing platform belonging to the Hoshino Resorts Tomamu. Hokkaido’s sea urchins are especially delectable due to their mellow, sweet flavor.

Visitor Photos Share your travel photos with us by hashtagging your images with visitjapanjp. Hokkaido Seafood Japan is synonymous with seafood, and it features on menus everywhere throughout the country.

Hokkaido – Japan’s Regional Charm – JapanGov

It can be connected with all Wi-Fi available devices, without any contract with telecommunication careers in Japan only in case of disasters. Information is provided as a courtesy to users of this website. The zoo also provides views of animals from unusual angles, including opportunities of face-to-face encounters with seals as they suddenly appear in cylindrical water tanks. Ski in Japan A diamond in the rough for ski enthusiasts and families worldwide. No matter how you chose to spend your day, make a Niseko night of it at the holkaido highly acclaimed restaurants and bars.

Served in a rich hokkado soup and topped with butter, sweet corn, bean sprouts and pork, this winter hokkaico is on the menu at ramen restaurants throughout Sapporo and the rest of Hokkaido. But why not go now and beat the swarm? The Ainu have lived here for thousands of years and, even today, many still practice their ancient beliefs and customs.